Design feedback needed

Hello everyone. I need your opinion about my drone concept.


This is a hybrid of airship, quadrocopter and airplane:

the cylinders ("body" and "wings") are filled with hydrogen; on top of them are solar panels

the box in the middle stores batteries and electric motors for the vertical propellers

the horizontal propellers are powered by electric motors located in the cones at the end of "body" cylinders; the motors move inside these cones to change the direction of flight and for turning the drone around

Your comments are highly appreciated.

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  • really ugly.

  • I believe that it wastes alot of power, four motor to hold it, then fly forward using two more motors, I am not sure form the pic of what types of wings are these... maybe the whole idea is not clear to me but I can see from what I understand is that it wastes alot of power for no good reason.

  • Nice try, it will not work though. it follows no basic aerodynamic principals, don't let this or any other comment dishearten you though, it takes either guts or delusion to subject stuff to public ridicule. either way, I suggest you build a couple of quadcopters and fixed wings, read up on some aerodynamics of how they work, before trying to design a hybrid, unless you just CAD for the sake of CAD.    a good exercise is to try and work out the flight time of what your are building, it will give you a healthy appreciation for what makes an aircraft function optimally...

    Most importantly, everyone starts somewhere, keep improving :)

  • I always ask myself, in these designs, if the innovation added has a benefit that far outweighs the cost.

    The forward pushing props don't seem to add much unless you have nice long wings that lift with a little forward motion.  The wings in this design don't look like they will produce lift efficiently enough to warrant horizontal thrust.  

    The prop guards on the vertical motors aren't necessary (unless for structural rigidity)  because they are tucked into the wing root so far.

    Hydrogen and solar power doesn't seem to be worth it in these scales.  The added weight probably more costly than what is gained.

    It makes me wonder if hybrids are even worth it. In both vertical and horizontal flight, you have the huge impact of unused motors.  Maybe tilt motors are the way to go with these.

  • I'd say don't keep going but take a step back and learn to do some simple physical calculations before committing hours of work to CAD modeling a worthless concept
  • You don't have enough volume for hydrogen (bad idea - think Hindenburg) to lift the thing.

    The penalty for volume is drag. There are so many frontal surfaces causing drag that calculating them would be a short course in fluid dynamics.

    Like Rob P says, keep going until you get it right.


  • Surely you jest !

    This looks like something from a grade school project with kids that know nothing about  aerodynamics.

    It's great that you are interested in designing a quad. I've never designed anything like this so maybe I'm looking at it all wrong.

    Don't get distracted from your efforts, keep going till you get right.

  • Just from looking at it - If you have already 4 point of thrust, then you don`t need to add additional two, even if you need to design a VTOL vehicle, cause you just can rotate vector of thrust on those 4 ones.

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    Alternative reality?

  • Just a few physic laws and expressions and the calculated efficiency of all that additional stuff to standard quad will be nothing or negative. At least with proposed proportions.

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