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  • Here is what appears to be an economic and functional converter for avchd files. Includes a deinterlacing function.

  • check out our video we did as part of a tv show we are busy with..



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    Hisight slr1
  • Awesome video!! What kind of gimbal system are you using?

  • Hai, Get xilisoft ultimate converter, it will run you about 60 quid. You'll be able to get the video into formats you can work with easily, Also Jes Deinterlacer is free and will get your video looking awesome on both computer and tv.

  • Wow! Very slick production, that is beautiful work

  • I think he's right, that is shooting in 60i.  I didn't notice at first, but after closer inspection, I think that's the reason for the lack of clarity.  Unfortunately there's no perfect way to de-interlace the footage perfectly.  Though I would say that whatever method you used worked pretty well.  No comb artifacts at all.  But that would explain the smearing on motion, or general muddiness.


    Here's a little something I put together to show the difference between different deinterlace methods used within Sony Vegas 10. 



    Jump to the half-way point and look at the shut line of the hood.  It's nice and smooth in "blend", but overall that image is blurry.  Interpolate is clearer, but shut line has really bad jaggies.  Yadif is sort of a mixture of the two and is preferred, though it's still not perfect.


    This was shot with a Sony HDR-XR500V.  The stock footage looks pin sharp when displayed on a 1080i native TV.  The camera is great for home videos, but you really need to shoot in progressive for anything you are planning on viewing over digital devices.



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    @Björn not sure, I got it mainly so I could simultaneously record video whilst taking stills and having a FPV feed.  I'm thinking of mounting a GoPro next to the CX550.  I agree AVCHD is a pain to work with if you use a mac like me.  I haven't found anything that better than the CX550 in terms of being "jack of all trades".  Sure for stills a Canon 5D mk2 would be better, and I'm sure there is a better video camera, but I haven't found anything that does everything I want it to do, and the CX550 is the best that I can find that is affordable.


    If anyone finds anything better please let me know.  I'm need all of the following.

    1. HD video

    2. HiRes stills

    3. Simultaneous videos and stills with video out to FPV transmitter

    4. Optical zoom

    5. Image Stabilization

    6.  LANC remote control


  • Hai, are you sure the CX550E records in progressive (1080p) mode? I got almost the same camera, an HDR XR550V. When I ordered it I thought it did 1080p and did not find out until too late that it only does interlaced (1080i) mode, which along with the AVCHD format is a pain to work with. I intend to sell it and get something better. Looking at the specs for your model it only says 1080i.

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    @Olivier compatibility list here

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