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Final ArduPilot production candidate

Third time's the charm! This is the ArduPilot board that's now going through the production process. If it passes QA, we're good to go! No big functional changes, but we added the option to use external power or RC receiver power, and we've broken out unused Atmega pins so you can use them if you want. Some other wiring changes, so you'll want to use the latest code. Eagle files here.
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    @Jhon. The board doesn't use a PIC, it uses an Atmel Atmega. The programming environment is Arduino. Right now you add the waypoints with that IDE, although we'll be adding a ground station app later that will allow you to do it without getting into code.

    Please see our previous post on Locosys compatibility (short form: yes, but you'll have to wait for our daughterboard to convert from ArduPilot's 5v to the Locosys 3.3v)
  • Thanks for sharing the schematics Chris. I know you probably get asked a lot, but do you know how long it will take to get your boards back? I can get a few for myself through BatchPCB, but that can take a while, and if yo are going to have yours ready in a month... I may as well buy a kit from you/your vendor.

    Very cool stuff, I think I'll be dropping mine in an easy glider pro.
  • nice :D

    just one question: to modify firmware to add waypoints, and so on, what we need? just a PIC programer ? there is an ICSP in the board?

    finally will be compatibly with the tiny 5 hz locosys gps ? (that one: http://www.nghobbies.com/cart/images/products/Locgps.JPG)
  • looks like ardupilot will be selling before attopilot
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