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Pleased to announce today that my new App FIND MY DRONE is now available in the App Store. FIND MY DRONE is a FREE App that connects your iPhone to your personal UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) using the popular MAVLink protocol.

Watch this space, FIND MY DRONE will soon be followed by MAVPilot, a ground control station for your pocket.

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Download from the App Store 3689527358?profile=original

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  • Bill: Thanks. Will fire up the RN-XV/3dr radio combo and give her a try. Looking forward to your next app.

    What version of firmware are you running on the RN-XV?

  • Developer

    @Robert: See for instructions on the WiFi to 915/433Mhz 3DR Radio bridge. 

    I haven't mentioned on my site yet, that you can directly connect a RN-XV WiFly to your APM using a XBee adapter. This works for close range, but the WiFi to 915Mhz bridge is a much better option for in the field.

  • Bill: Great app! looking forward to your WIFI instructions as I have all of the hardware you speak of for testing etc.

  • Developer

    @Hugues: The settings are in part of the Settings App from Apple.

  • MR60
    Just downloaded the app on iphone. How do you enter manually the lat/long coordinates? I click, touches all over the screen, i can't find it.
  • Moderator

    Hi Bill

    next thought, If you can get live position from the drone (I have no idea how ) then it will also help to spot the still flying UAV as it returns from a mission and has maybe gone beyound VLOS . to use just line the iphone up with the arrow and point at the sky and your UAV "should"  be somewhere in the area you are looking, especailly if you can get the elevation as well.

  • Fantastic! Thanks so much Mr. Bill! 

  • I started using the Tagg brand dog collar GPS unit (with iphone app)  it will track the drone (or dog) and show real-time updates on Google maps.  It even will give you turn-by-turn directions.  It cost $100 for the unit with 3 months of service.  Ea. month after is about $7.  So far, so good.

  • MR60
    That's a great app. I just need to understand , except via manual input, how the phone gets data from mavlink ? Will that require a 3G or 4G network ? Or is GPRS enough?
  • This will be great, I was thinking the other day of using my previous old iphone and use it to also record the flight path, among other things, but also to be able to use the "find my iphone" feature incase I lost my Hexa, but I do not really want to add more weight.
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