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  • Okay cool thats good to know.
  • i guess kinda but not really. anyway stan works there thur - sat. they have quite a bit of stuff in stock.

  • Oh I thought they were closed. Didn't they used to be Hobbies n' Stuff? Yeah I didn't go there.
  • not sure what hobby store you went to here but you might want to try hobby proz on wyoming by menaul. next to hoffman shopping center.
  • Well they only sell NiCad stuff and gas for power. Unless it comes in a RTF kit... I thought about giving them an earful but decided I had a better chance of getting something useful out of it by being nice. 


    The guy did try to disagree with me that the charger would blow up a LiPo battery... I asked him to look up some youtube videos and he decided I wasn't bluffing. Now I have in store credit and I'm not sure what they have that I want. I guess they can't screw up epoxy and Deans connectors, and my nephews really like rockets which my lhs has(for outrageous prices).  

  • I am appalled at the so-called hobby store that sold you this. Any hobby store employee worth their salt should know full well the danger of charging LiPo batteries with the wrong charger (or even the right charger with the wrong settings). Had you not been vigilant, this little escapade could have burned your house down...!


    I use two of these HK chargers and find them very good indeed. These ones need a suitable 12v 5A power supply (sold separately by HK) unlike the one mentioned by Chris which has a PSU built in (as well as 12v capability IIRC). The only advantage is the one I have supposedly has a better quality balancing circuit for greater accuracy of voltage measurements.


    One thing is for sure, go back to the hobby store with your Dynamite charger and give them an earful...!

  • Chris:  Did you get instructions with that unit?  I bought a simular one at Hobbypartz and it came in with the worst translation of chinese to english manual I have encountered to date.  And it was about twenty dollars more.  However, as you say it performs rock solid.  I especially like the fact that it charges any type of battery and is pretty much idiot proof (a featcher much needed for the nieve such as me)
  • Nice. Maybe it will make a good power source for electronics.
  • If just one cell is puffed and bad, make it a 2s.
  • Guess it got too hot during soldering. I can confirm this battery is toast -- 8.5V.
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