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3689354440?profile=originalI just got the new Hobbyking Bixler, their newest EasyStar clone, and I'm very impressed. I haven't flown it yet, but based on the design I think it's the best Easystar clone out there yet. (And I've tested them ALL!)

It's available as a kit, a RTF with a 4 channel radio, and an ARF without radio. I recommend the ARF version, which is just $52 (or,if you live in the US, it's available for $58 in the US warehouse with much cheaper and faster shipping). Add a 20a ESC, battery and 7ch radio and APM and you've got a UAV for under $500.


Some of the advantages of the Bixler, compared to the EasyStar and the other clones:

  • Ailerons
  • Big cockpit area, with tail servos on the outside
  • Decent brushless motor
  • Available in ARF form with servos installed but not a useless radio that you have to throw away
  • Inexpensive

Here are some shots of the Bixler fuselage compared to a standard EasyStar:


3689414252?profile=originalBixler on left, beat-up EasyStar on right. It's a clone all right!


3689385181?profile=originalCloseups of the cockpits--Bixler on left, EasyStar on right. The Bixler is a bit wider!

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  • readymaderc sells the v1 sky surfer as well, i purchased a bixler and a sky surfer (v1) from readymaderc and its the exact same plane

  • Flew mine today, it is better that my expectations................... very happy with it, going to install an ardupilot (not mega) and fly it a lot.....

  • Thanks for the review of the ES clones Chris.  It looks like from the RC Groups thread the V1 Sky Surfer is the same plane as the Bixler.  V2 Sky Surfer moved the servo position to the cockpit area.  V1 Sky Surfer has black canopy and V2 Sky Surfer has clear canopy with pilot bust.  So, if ya'll can find a V1 SS, it's the same plane.
  • ordered mine allready........... jejeje
  • T3
    You can get it for $55.51 if you're a platinum member at Hobby King. Shipping seems to be about $13 to NH.
  • 3D Robotics
    Joel: Yes, but they're easy to take off ;-)
  • Question, are all the ugly stickers already applied to the airframe upon receipt?


  • Extensive thread about this plane over at rcgroups

  • Thanks to all of you guys the USA warehouse is on backorder now. So it's either wait for the slow boat from china, or...
  • Moderator
    Shipping from the US warehouse to a California address is $11.  Besides Rx/Tx, the only other pieces are a 20A ESC and battery.  That's a really good deal.  Looking forward to hearing more about this!
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