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  • UDB support is ready for testing.
  • Thank you very much Happy ;D
  • Brian, depending upon the speed of your computer, you might want to mess with the "max" rates on the Serial Data tab. I suggest starting with Attitude at 5Hz, GPS at 2Hz and Waypoint at 1Hz. Then on the Settings tab, try changing the Max Update Rate to 1Hz. Then bump them up from there. At 20Hz update on Attitude, I doubt DirectX and GE will be able to keep up. At 5Hz, things are still pretty smooth...

    Ric and sgt ric....sorry, brain fart. Yes, I am going to add UDB support. I'm a little overwhelmed right now. I'm moving the settings to another form, adding a splitter and an about page. have another APM to solder up to finish the APM binary messages sent from APM (not two-way).... I've got lots of work to do...
  • Happy,

    UDB = UavDevBoard

  • T3
    Hey Happy,
    Just wanted to let you know I added ArduPilot compatible TM messages to my PicPilot and things seem to be working pretty well with your GCS for the most part. No trouble installing or running on my XP desktop. Haven't tried my netbook yet.

    I do have an issue after it's been running a few minutes where it starts to stutter and only update the display once every few seconds. I was wondering if it was some sort of buffer over run or something. I'm sending packets at a 20Hz rate with 2 out of the 20 being position packets and the remainder being attitude. Is that too fast??

    Thanks for the excellent work! I noticed you posted the HDOP, Sats used and Fix extensions. I'll add those today and make sure they work.

  • Yes, I'd like to have a dozen or so. I just haven't had time to convert them.

    Thanks Johann...
  • Ric, what's UDB?

    Johann, we were talking about Bill's UavDevBoard.... but Riccardo just sent me a data file. I'll see what I can do with that....
  • Moderator
    Happy's taking on alot here and giving us a beautiful product, but he gets alot of "advice" (like changing the entire GIU, etc) which must be quite distracting.

    I guess only Happy knows if asking him to port his GCS to UDB is asking too much right now.
  • No kidding! Not a penny?!?! Wow! He should have followed Chris and Jordi's 1/3, 1/3, 1/3 plan... but I guess that would mean Bill's board would cost $225 instead of $150...

    It's very unlikely that SF is going to donate anything to this project. I really prefer to have the hardware so I can see the actual data stream and handle oddities and updates better. But I don't have the funds to spend on one of his setups right now. Can you capture a data stream in Hyper Terminal and email it to me?

  • Happy, this could be nice (btw SF should do that, seen they are earning something and probably more in the future. In what I know Bill is not earning a single $ from this project and devoting an incredible amount of time instead).
    In the meantime I will be very glad to do all the testing you need.
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