The FAA has issued 5 additional exemptions for UAS use in the US NAS. You can find these exemptions here:

For Woolpert, Inc.:

Exemption 1

Exemption 2

For Video Global:


For Trimble:


For Clayco:


House Hearing

Also of note, the House Subcommittee on Aviation held a hearing this morning regarding the status of UAS integration this morning. There is a lot of interesting dialog, and I suggest reviewing the archive here:

House Hearing


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  • The registration and N-number are just like registering and getting a plate for your car. The form is 8050-1, and there's a copy of one here. An experimental airworthiness certificate, and an accompanying restricted type certificate are a whole different animal. This is what Merrill just received for the Torrent, and what Insitu, Aerovironment and others have received for their systems. It is another, much more difficult, method for limited operations like training and market survey. 

  • MR60

    When the rule becomes the bureaucratic tortuous exceptional exemptions, there is something to worry about. What a nightmare.

  • Moderator

    Only 989 more permission to go to match France

  • Thanks Seth. So, I think the part I am confused about is the registration - this is different than obtaining an experimental airworthiness certificate, correct? If so, what information is given to the FSDO when registering the aircraft?

    Thanks again - really appreciate the help.

  • You can register the aircraft at any time, and the sooner the better. It will take some time to go through.
  • Yes, we wrote it ourselves before any other applications has been released in the federal register.
  • Thanks Seth. I've been reading as many petitions as possible, and I think I have a good handle on it, at least from a fundamental point of view. It looks like you guys wrote the petition yourself rather than using an attorney like most others - is that the case? 

    Regarding registering the aircraft, is that something you cannot do until you have the exemption, or can it be done prior?  It looks like Trimble got theirs prior via the info in FAA Order 8130.34C.


  • Here's the actual application from Astraeus via the docket at Regulations.gov


  • Your best bet would be to read and become familiar with the Astraeus Aerial application. It is found on the FAA Section 333 website, and is well written. Another good resource is the "How to File a Petition" page. Once approved you will need to complete a COA application.You will need to register your UAS at your local FSDO and have an N-number prior to submitting your COA.

    It is important to be familiar with all of the referenced FAA regulations in the exemption applications. You will need an operations and maintenance manual for the UAS, logbooks, and properly qualified pilots and observers. A private pilot certificate, a class 2 medical, and a current flight review per 61.56 will be required for the pilot, and the observer needs to have at least a class 2 medical and training on applicable parts of 14 CFR 91. Some insurance coverage is also a good idea, but not a requirement from the FAA. Now that the first two batches of applications have been approved, coverage should become more readily available.


  • @Seth, would you be willing to provide some advice in the 333 process? I am working on putting one together by the end of the month (knowing full well it will be one of many) - would really appreciate some pointers if you are willing to share them.

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