Flight Nike-Hercules Site "Base Tuono" Italia


Hello to all from "Trento Northern Italy." I wanted to share these pictures of my first Multicopter

Flight on the NATO Site Nike-Hercules missiles.


(now a museum)

3689432817?profile=original6 minutes flight time



sorry for my english
Umberto (Italy)





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  • Distributor

    Very interesting :) thanks for sharing some photos of you flying your quadcopter!


  • Moderator

    Amazing what you can buy nowadays!


  • Exactly how tells Javio: it is a museum in memory of cold war. It is a private site. County Folgaria passo Coe,  has bought the old Nato base that was not operative since 1975 and had the idea of this Museum for Memory. For pictures in this site no permissions are required.

    Base Tuono 20053692319281?profile=original

    Opening Base Tuono  October 2010


  • Nike missiles are all decommisioned at this point, I believe. There is a similar installation Just north of the Golden Gate bridge near San Francisco.


  • From my experience,missiles generally means no photos!

  • Why you tell that? This siete is testimonial, a kind of museum of the cold war. It is not a true working militar base. By the way, I like very much the pictures.
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    Great pictures! hope you had all the paperwork done for that flight! 

    Looks like a really nice site. 

    Any video? 

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