Fort Wayne, IN

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Electrical Engineer with 15 years experience in Control Systems.  Now managing a machine shop.

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

2020 - Finished DIY quadcopter.   3D printed frame https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2453393, Pixhawk 2.4.8, Sunnysky 2212 motors and 40A ReadytoSky DJI ESC.


Fort Wayne, IN

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Jun 16, 2020
Ryan Vande Water commented on Tarik Agcayazi's blog post PL8: Returning a flying wing from a High Altitude Balloon - first autonomous glide tests
"There was a canadian guy who did an identical project about 15 years ago... I went searching for the site, it was down for a long time, (I think) but he's got it back up now:   http://www.canuck-boffin.net/sonde/

A good place to learn from his…"
Jan 22, 2020
Ryan Vande Water commented on ced siou's blog post My pneumatic launcher
"Very well done!

When do you start work on the pneumatic lander? :^)"
Sep 10, 2014
Ryan Vande Water commented on moglos's blog post Anatomy of a 301 km Flight
"It sounds like it is time to request an improvement to the Mission Planner that saves the log file in a multi-file format instead of one big file... or does it do that already?
Like, save every 1MB, or save every 5 minutes.. .something like that. "
May 3, 2014
Ryan Vande Water commented on Gary Mortimer's blog post Activists’ drone shot out of the sky for fourth time
"IANAL,  but:

IF the area is a private club (the public does not have access) AND the drone is recording... then it is possibly a violation of the club's rights for the drone to be there.   (assuming the club does NOT consent to being recorded)

Nov 19, 2012
Ryan Vande Water commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Want to work for 3D Robotics? We're hiring a Director of Software Engineering
"Of course this comes along right after I accept an international assignment.  Good luck to all!"
Dec 22, 2011
Ryan Vande Water commented on umberto marchi's blog post Flight Nike-Hercules Site "Base Tuono" Italia
"Nike missiles are all decommisioned at this point, I believe. There is a similar installation Just north of the Golden Gate bridge near San Francisco.
Dec 16, 2011
Ryan Vande Water replied to Alex Roup's discussion Why is there no track-keeping integrator?
"Point of order:   the 4500 in the first line of code should be a #defined constant.  
Sorry, I was raised in the "never, ever, ever, ever code a 'magic number' " school of programming. :^)   Carry on.
Nov 16, 2011
Ryan Vande Water replied to Hai Tran's discussion Tail wagging up and down
"In general, tune out oscillations on PID governors by reducing P gain."
Aug 18, 2011
Ryan Vande Water commented on thomas's blog post Arducopter gopro in flight video
"I covet your neighbor's pool!"
Feb 14, 2011
Ryan Vande Water commented on Jordi Muñoz's blog post DIYDrones Magnetometer issue resolution
"tazmadman,  since your board is already "toast" you could try soldering a longer jumper wire from Vin to pins 7-8 on IC1.   You've got nothing to lose at this point.   If it works it will get you flying.   I would epoxy or at least silicone a longer…"
Jan 14, 2011