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A new VTOL OAT Bicopter fully stabilized by a 9DOF IMU (arduIMU v2 + HMC5843) has successfully done its fist series of flights. This is the SCORPID-450 build by Matthieu Bourdarias from the french VTOL-UAV Team. The Scorpid-450 UAV uses an innovative design based on Gary Gress concept. The Oblique Active Tilting (OAT) at 45° of the twin engines allow a full pitch control by using the induced gyroscopic moment. Now with only a 9D0F IMU its flight is fully stabilized on its all axis with a dedicated firmware (AutoStab v3.31 JLN) and a special mixing software.

Here the setup used by Matthieu Bourdarias:

- ArduIMU+ V2 flat,

- HMC5843 Triple axis magnetometer,

- Firmware AutoStab v3.31 by Jean-Louis Naudin,

- Two brushless motors + ESC: EMax CF2822 (202W, 1200KV),

- 1 propeller GWS HD9050Rx3 - 1 propeller GWS HD9050x3,

- 1 receiver Futaba R617FS,

- 1 Lipo Turnigy 11.1V (3S1P) 2600 mAh,

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  • This is cool but I think a quad design still beats it for stability and mechanical simplicity,  but cool project for sure.

  • Hi Jean-Louis
    Nice job!
    You are using firmware autostab 3.31.
    Would you be kind enough to allow me to take advantage of your mixing setup and experiences?
    You can post, email or pm me, whatever is best for you.
    I would be so appreciative of you support.
    Paul Dowlinger
  • Developer

    Yes, as I have said at the beginning of this blog, my firmware runs on ArduIMU+ v2 flat....

    Regards, Jean-Louis

  • What does your firmware run on, the ArduIMU?
  • Developer

    Hello Dave,

    You will find here a link to do it on a Futaba R607FF / R617FF (2.4Ghz). You need only to set in the AutoStab source code the number of channels to 7. Matthieu Bourdarias has done this successfully with my firmware v3.31 with his SCORPID-450.


    If you don't have time or mean to do it, you may also use the 8 channel PPM Encorer from DIY Drones store that you may purschase here


    I hope this will help you,

  • I guess I should have looked at Matthieu's pictures to answer my question about Futaba - How about mods to that receiver?? Would they be about the same as the Graupner??



  • Hi Jean-Louis


    This is great - what ahelp in figuring it all out!!! BTW does it have to be a Graupner receiver or would a Futaba do as well as long as it is the same type ??

    Again Thanks Dave

  • Developer

    You will find below some detailled photos about the ArduIMU wiring and how to get the serial PPM from the R16scan receiver.






  • Developer

    Hello Dave, you will find below the full wiring setup used in my SCORPID-500 Full IMU:



  • Has anyone done a wiring diagram for this setup. I want to incorporate it into my project, but the photos really do not show a clear setup



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