Flir equipped hexacopter - security UAV in action


We did a recent flight minutes after an attempted break in to scan the area for criminals possibly hiding behind walls etc. We took off from a nearby field and allways stay directly over the flield (just in case).

The APM on AC 3.0.1 has been doing a great job in keeping the Tarot T810 hexa in the air (this frame is epic!) and I'm very happy with a flight time of 20mins (considering the load it's carrying). The Flir is mounted to a Martinez stabilized brush-less gimbal.

 Youtube wouldn't embed - so here's a link - http://youtu.be/7HMvRpBJy1E


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  • Pretty awesome. I need to get my hands on a camera like that.
  • 100KM

    @Chris - Thanks, no one was apprehended (yet), but we're getting closer and closer each time - a big component of this is effective management and communication to the guys on the ground. I promise I'll post a vid when we do catch them...

    @John - Agree :)

  • 100KM

    @Josh, I ordered this Gimbal - http://www.thanksbuyer.com/stormeye-fpv-brushless-camera-gimbal-two... and used the Martinez controller (I must add that next time round I'll go for the AlexMos controller)


  • Thanks for the BMW 7 Series tip.....lets all goto our local BMW wreckers!, You should do a build video on the flir conversion

  • would be better with a m230 ;-)

  • Really nice video.  My favorite part is that you got it for a totaled 750.

  • 3D Robotics

    Epic! Did you find the suspects?

  • It doesn't get any cooler than this.  Can you post a picture of the mounting setup?

  • 100KM

    Flir PathfindIR - export controlled, yes - but the lower refresh rate ones (8 hz refresh) are open for external markets. $2500. Got mine from a totalled BMW 750

  • it appears to be a FLIR Tau 640 which is a US export controlled item, So only  USA citizens can own one and it sells for about $10,000 dollars.

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