FLIR Tau2 640 + GoPro and 3D printed case


I've been doing a bunch of filming with my Tau2 (more to come on that) and recently I have needed to film with both the Tau2 and a GoPro with the aim of blending the video.

I set about designing a camera case which will house both the GoPro as well as the Tau2 at the same time. My goals were that it needed to be light, rigid and securely hold them.

The 3rd draft of it has worked quite well i think.


Some enhancements (printing at the moment!) will be:

  • Thicker side walls
  • A clip over the top to hole them in place (although the fit is so snug only a crash would dislodge them)

Honestly, there is not much more I can want with it. It does what it needs to.

I'll post an update here and on my other blog in a few days once I have printed it and given it a few test flights.

Some sample images from the first flight:


-- Crispin

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  • Hi all,

    some possibility to get this case or the stl file? Would be nice.

    Thank´s and regards!


  • Hi Crispin,

    This design looks great! Planning to use both of these cameras soon and was wondering if you would be willing to share your 3D design? Would acknowledge your support in any publications we get out of the project. My email is



  • John Wolcott. I have a version that is very similar. I can print it for you as well. Send me an email if you're intrested.

  • Any progress? Can you share the model or sell either the middle file or a printed version?
  • Mark - I'm using a Duplicator 4S. I cannot complain about it really. Once setup properly it's not missed a beat. I have had maybe one or two failed prints in the last 3 months or so. 

    Are there better printers? Sure. But for the money, cannot fault it. (Well, maybe it's a bit slow but that's a fault of the duel-head)

  • Hi Crispin, as a matter of interest what printer are you using?

  • Hi Doug, can you remember the make and or model? The Quark is more expensive than the Tau2 and I am really keen to get a FLIR 640 camera...any help would be really appreciated. Thanks

  • Which camera is that Doug? I did see one recently which I can not longer find the details of which was "quite cheap". It was only a 96 pixel thermal image though which augments with a normal video. Still very handy - I'll probably end up looking into those for the next-next version :)

  • Have you guys seen the new FLIR camera?  It is half the price of the Tau and has shutter controls, etc.  I saw it at the AUVSI show.  640 is @2999, and 320 @ $1499.

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