FLIR finally releases the new and improved FLIR One for $250!!  The new FLIR One has an automatic calibration shutter and now works with ios and android!  This is a much better form factor over the original FLIR One but in my opinion is still limited by the inherent low 80X60 resolution of the Lepton camera.  The Seek uses a Raytheon EXC001 Microbolometer with 206X156 resolution which is 6 times the resolution of the Lepton!!  As far as specs go the Seek is better on paper than the FLIR One but the FLIR One's app software is very stable and user friendly.  



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  • @Bim and @Josh :

    You can use a Raspberry Pi, some dudes have made a code to operate the Seek module via USB :

    Python interface for Seek Thermal device. Contribute to Fry-kun/pyseek development by creating an account on GitHub.
  • Nice gadget, but quite useless for drones so far...

    We need an interface, drivers and SDK for connecting this to a linux based companion computer e.g. Raspi, Odroid, Edison...

  • @naish88 i cant seem to find that information on the improved Lepton sensor?  If their sensor is really improved then i would give the competitive edge to the FLIR!!

    I think that Seek needs to focus on the stability of their app. because FLIR has patented the MSX technology they can not use it (without licensing first).  But i like the idea of Seeks thermal+ where you can swipe across the screen to reveal the standard camera image.  But because the cameras are in different locations the images do not align.  Perhaps Seek could develop (and patent) some form of smart Parallax correction algorithm???  Some other features i would like to see implemented in the Seek app.

    • Time lapse capability
    • Adjustable calibration shutter timing (would help with videos)

  • The new FLIR ONE actually uses a new Lepton Module, with improved resolution 160x120pixel.

    Here are some info:

    Thermal imaging sensor:  160x120 
    Visible Camera Resolution: 640x480
    The Field of View (FOV) is 49° horizontally, 38° vertically and 59° diagonally. The aspect ratio is 4:3.

    Emissivity: Adjustable (Matte: 95%, Semi-Matte: 80%, Semi-Glossy: 60%, Glossy: 30%)

    Focus Range:  10cm – infinity   (Closest MSX alignment distance is 30cm)

    Focus: No auto focus (fixed focus)

    Spectral Response: 8-12um

    File Formats: Still images are saved as radiometric jpeg and video is saved as mpeg4


  • Interesting flir have essentially copied the form factor of the seek, which is much more user friendly.  I had a go with one of these new flir ones at a show yesterday and they're quite nice, but the resolution is still quite low - if you use it at night for example it negates the usefulness of msx/visual camera and then the low resolution really shows up as the picture is pretty useless.

    The seek at least attempts a higher resolution and is pretty cool at night.  Their lack of promised sdk is quite disappointing however, which limits the usefulness of the product.

  • 206X156 is flyable but how to get that an android/IOS application's image into an RF video feed?

  • Who cares about iOS/Android, our drones run Linux :)

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