Flying Robot Commander for PaparazziUAV


It's been a few months since the last Flying Robot Commander(FRC) update so I thought it might be a good time to share again. Most of the recent work has been focused on making the code more modular to support variant UI as well as protocols. Currently, the FRC, is integrated with PaparazziUAV via PPRZLINK. That being said, it's fairly straightforward to add a MAVLink interface as well. The project leverages python along with Flask micro-framework to facilitate a RESTful, web-based interface. For those wondering what those symbols are in the above, image, it's Klingon. Need to work on a Vulcan theme next. Check out a video of the FRC managing six aircraft using Paparazzi UAV GCS. Live long and prosper. ~HooperFly

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  • Andy - EarthPatrol

    Thanks V much..lots to learn. Including Klingon - who knew!!!

    Congrats again on FRC - lots of untapped potential for UAV's in this direction. 


  • @Shane Slater, Yes, Paparazzi UAV has excellent fixed wing support. The Flying Robot Commander is aircraft agnostic as such, so you can use it to control/trigger all kinds of autonomy. Another option is to use FRC with MAVLink. Of course, that's a bit of programming.

  • Developer

    @Shane Re Linux I would get hold of a cheap PC or Netbook and run Ubuntu on it.( or even a Raspberry Pi) Do a little reading before you buy  and It should work out of the box. Linux got a lot easier over the last few years. And for DIY there is no contest. Linux is just much easier to work with than the alternatives 

  • This is really interesting, and impressive to see that you can control multiple drones through different flight phases.

    I'm looking for a way to control multiple drones in the manner you show above, but they would be planes not quads. 

    Do you think Paparazzi is a better platform for this, or would APM+missionplanner be OK? The online documentation is OKish for Paparazzi but still a bit intimidating, particularly when (some of us also) need to adopt a new OS! Its probably "put more in, get more out" but sometimes that learning curve is too steep and you make no progress. I am a bit burned by Linux from a project a few years ago, installed on a VM and it was OK but it never quite worked properly (getting it to speak to the rest of the world was hard). 

    Also I guess down the line there would be some programming (i.e. it would be good to have some way of all planes knowing GPS positions of others and react/avoid). 

    Views greatly appreciated. In any event, very nice to see swarm control in action. 


  • Developer

    very nice!

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