Three men assemble a drone in Tianjin. (Photo/Xinhua)

Three men assemble a drone in Tianjin. (Photo/Xinhua)

Four people have been detained by police in Beijing for navigating an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) into the airspace of Beijing Capital International Airport, which caused delays for more than 10 passenger flights, reports the local Beijing News.

The drone was detected on Dec. 29 by the Civil Aviation Administration over the international airport at 11:00 am. The UAV was seen flying at 700 feet at a speed of more than 100 kilometers an hour.

Two civilian airplanes were forced to alter their flight courses to maneuver away from one another and the drone, while the local authority dispatched a helicopter to intercept the UAV.

Four people involved in the case have since been detained and charged with "endangering public security" and "seriously interrupting flight order."

Local police said the drone was modified from a model airplane to conduct surveying and mapping operations to the east of the airport. The investigation found that the four suspects were employees working for a local company, and they had failed to apply for approval to conduct such an operation, according to the Civilian Use of Drones Regulations.

"All unmanned aircraft are banned from entering the 15 kilometer range of airports and from flying higher than 100 meters on flight courses elsewhere," said Feng Chang, co-founder of the Beijing FlyCam, during an interview with the Hong Kong-based South China Morning Post on Dec. 31

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  • Admin

    Instead of being Droners , these idiots should be called downers

  • In israel airports security have rights to shot such stupid fckrs. To dead ofcourse if  resistance occurred during the arrest procedure.

  • Fly selfmade uav in AIRPORTS?!!!! Dumb idiotas....
    In some country his will be guilty as terrorists. In usa or rf to example =)

  • A growing number of people with different backgrounds are thinking about operating a UAV. A collection of approaches are probably needed to reduce the overall risk for everyone, both operators and others who may be affected in some way. This approach is a possibility, although there may be some unintended consequences if it was implemented. 

  • So which story is correct? Was it flying at 700 or 2000 feet. Why do they show a helicopter in one then the Reaper model in the other. What does the plane really look like? How big is it to show up on radar?

  • If airliners coming into Beijing or any other airport can see your UAV out their windows, you really should be there. 

    _Thank you Dr. Obvious.

    __You are most welcome.

  • ...Earlier this year a bakery in Shanghai was denied permission to fly drones to deliver cakes to weddings and banquets....

    same event.

    UFO causes flights to be diverted in Beijing
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