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Foxconn invests $200 million in GoPro

3689492676?profile=originalOur favorite camera maker is hot stuff. From FastCompany:

Foxconn, or rather Hon Hai Precision as it's officially known, has just forked over $200 million for an 8.88% stake in GoPro, the Californian camera maker that specializes in rugged cameras that can be easily mounted to capture the endeavors of outdoor sports enthusiasts.

That investment values GoPro at $2.25 billion in total. The press release notes Foxconn CEO Terry Gou as seeing a "great opportunity" in investing in GoPro, not only for the products but also for founder Nick Woodman. GoPro sold 800,000 cameras and grew 300% last year, according to recent stats.

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  • Try the Sony Actioncam, Mine came with a go pro adapter which is smart thinking on Sonys Part!

  • Moderator

    I think part of the goodwill is the belief that the GoPro guys are really smart and will continue to have amazing innovations.  I'm confident that they'll be able to come out with a 30FPS 4K camera, and that thing will sell zillions.  Imagine how nice it will be to have wide angle (to easily capture all the action, and then being able to zoom in in postproduction to quarter-screen and still have a 1080p image. Also

  • It didn't make any sense when they valued Facebook at 100 billion either

  • Yeah, but I mean come on that's a LOT of "goodwill".

    I don't think this makes sense. There's got to be a mistake here.

  • Branding is the term I believe, just the name alone has become a value.Coke or Pepsi anyone?

  • Has anyone seen the little HD cam by FOXTECH ? I don't buy the made in California thing, unless shown. The bulk of manufacture all gets done in the same Chinese factories.


    $130, a good price.

  • They're the current market leader right now, but with the rate technology moves, how long will that last?  Remember the flip camera?  Death by smartphone.

  • 800,000 people own a GoPro. 7,000,000,000 people inhabit the earth. I don't own a GoPro. 800,001 people will soon own a GoPro.

  • Developer

    Yeah... the brand is the key.
    It became a reference and has the potential for keep growing and making money for a long time.

  • Developer

    Most likely has to do with marked value and such.. GoPro has or is close to becoming a house hold name.

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