fpv.blue – 2.4 GHz HD Downlink updates

I've last posted on this website a couple of years back and I'm sad to see activity decreased lately (I used to be an avid reader as well).

For people that haven't followed or weren't interested I've now spent some time developing a 2.4 GHz version of the fpv.blue video transmission system, I've tested it to 17km @ 700mW and 7km @ 100mW and I'm now turning the prototypes into the smallest device possible for the transmitter and a handy injection-moulded receiver so that you can fix it at the back of your radio (alongside an optional 900 MHz unit) or mount it on a tripod.

The system will have Mavlink and RC control over the 2.4 GHz link, a very low latency (25ms added), 720p@60fps, 1080p@30fps, two switchable camera/HDMI inputs and a flexible/long video input cable, so that the devices can be placed anywhere on the plane/drone/gimbal.

The full preelimary specifications are here: https://fpv.blue/

And you can see two test videos here:



I've also opened preorders for the product. I don't expect people to be placing an order for a product there is no picture of, but you can do it.


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  • A less expensive patch antenna will do just fine. See: https://fpv.blue/2017/10/linear-antennas-and-fpv-blue/

    End of the summer is what I'm targeting. If you subscribe to the newsletter I will send out an update before closing the batch, at that time shipping date and product will be more defined, with renderings/in hand prototypes, etc.

    On why you really should be using linear antennas with fpv.blue
  • 100KM

    I see you've done 17km with omnirectionals! So maybe a 2.4 biquad (ro two depending if you've got diversity) will do the trick! f I preorder, what is the lead time ?

  • You can use a directional antenna for that. The test was run on dipoles. No, I don't suggest using a power booster.

  • 100KM

    Looks really promising - glad you guys are pusing the technology again - would a 2 Watt 2.4ghz bootster on the plane give me more than 20km ?

  • prob. byte in the dust ...

    we got extra money.

  • Moderator

    Waiting for first users...

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