FPV Cloudsurfing with APM2.5 and SteadiDrone X8 WING

We took the new SteadiDrone X8 WING out for a very windy test session, with winds gusting up to about 40km/h, made for great climbing conditions and our first ever 'cloudsurfing' well over 1km above the ever beautiful Knysna, Garden Route here in South Africa.

SteadiDrone X8 WING
Ardupilot Mega APM2.5
Ion Air Pro Action Camera
5.8Ghz Video link + Fatshark Dominators
2.4Ghz Aurora 9 Radio (standard no uhf, waiting for DL to arrive)
2 x 5200mah 4S Lipos

For more info on SteadiDrone multi-rotors and X8 Wing, visit our website at www.steadidrone.com

BIG thanks again to all the devs and guys putting in all the hard work with this amazing piece of hard/software!

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  • Hi, awesome video!

    I would like to ask some questions:

    Did you use the Ion Air Pro Camera for FPV? How did you connect the camera to the trasmitter? Is the same A/V analog output that GoPro camera has?


  • Patrick its Africa......the air belongs to the people and we can demand to use it how we want to ......or else we will strike.....:-) heheheh would not dare try that in NZ i would probably get arrested.... especially living directly in the approach path to a military airfield....

  • [spoilsport]

    VFR. Victor Foxtrot Romeo. Visual Flight Rules. :)

    Keep in mind that at 3600ft you're flying well inside class G airspace...


  • VRF rules ?

  • a quick shot we just took, weight testing the SteadiDrone EI8HT airframe, could not find anything heavy enough :) So used the wife!

    3692509189?profile=original3692509455?profile=originalhardly any flex even at this weight, and could easliy do more.

  • Tears in my eyes, not from staring into the setting sun but from the sheer beauty.

    Alas, just to spoil the fun: keep in mind VFR rules: 1500 meter horz, 1000ft vert from clouds ;-)

  • Yip, it's on the limit of the range as when the radio whip antenna is pointing straight up then i lost signal twice, but poitning 90' towards the plan it's fine no problems. The 5.8Ghz video using the new Immersion RC pol antennas with the 600mw 5.8Ghz tx and just the normal dominator rx.

  • Are you really getting that kind of range with standard 2.4G RC_Tx and 5.8 vdo_Tx ?!!
    Are you using dipole antennas or something else?
    Nice vdo BTW!

  • haha, thanks for the support :)

  • awesome, thanks guys.  Keep up the good work.  The site and products look great.  I'm trying to convince my photographer brother to purchase one of your octo's.  Any chance you guys need some BETA testers in Australia ;)  cheers.

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