FPV tour of Namibia

Hein is a long time friend on DIY Drones.

Just want to show his work to you.

Hein.... I did not finished my Skywalker but obviously you did.

These pictures are awesome. Thank you!


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  • thanks!

    very nice these landing scenes with the camera point backwards.

  • 100KM

    Thanks Robert. Really nothing fancy. I have a laser cut plywood base over the fuse and cable tied the gimbal down through some holes. I even duct-taped the whole thing to the SW :D


    Here's another flight in the Namib: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UtDPV1dRRNk

  • hi hein,

    really impressive!
    could you show some picts how you mounted this gimbal?

    maybe it is mountable on the new opterra ...

  • 100KM

    Hey Eric, quite a surprise opening DIY and seeing my clip :D Thanks :)

    Awesome, inspiring place. Joe, I'm so sorry I could not meet up - had a full agenda this time!

    No post editing, just trimming the boring bits out with GoPro studio. I used a Feiyu tech Mini 3D Pro. Brilliant gimbal for fixed wings - most other gimbals lose their minds at high bank angles!

  • extremely nice place!

  • Panthastic scenery, beautyfull places, thanks for sharing. Very smooth video, did you do post-edit the video ?

  • Hello,

    which gimbal you use for this flight?

    Very nice video!!!!

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