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  • @ stubugs:

    I'll be bringing my own frames out soon as well, and taking an educated guess what ondrone is paying for these parts (lots of Tarot and RCtimer parts, IINM), I'd say two-and-a-half grand (inc VAT?) for an RTF+ gimbal is quite reasonable.


    Remember, RTF includes labour costs. Those hours of assembly, and uploading of tested parameters aren't free, and given the parts are all OTS, the RTF assembly (and aftersales support) is where ondrone is adding value/making its money.

  • Having just completed my own t810 same spec except  a gs type flight controller which cost about £250 more than an Apm which I have 3 of and includes video

    Transmitter gimble nanotechnology batteries here in the UK at a cost of £1550 I didn't  know building a hex could cost so much? 

  • Thanks. Yes will be looking at using Pixhawk and can certainly do the 3 Axis gimbal.

    Graham - Yes we ship internationally and accept debit/ credit cards / paypal / bitcoin.

  • Different currencies ?

  • International shipping?

  • very nice.

    Are you going to start using the Pixhawk?

    Any chance on upgrading that Nexus gimbal to 3 axis?

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