Full Scale Quad - I Frame Design


Here is a concept shot of what is a continual evolution of designs.  This is way off in the future, but is the end goal of what I'm working towards.  Now that I'm starting to acquire actual parts and pieces I'm a bit concerned about the weight.  But first things first, and one step at a time.  I still have yet to build even one good rotor blade, but I do have a plan now for the first rotor set, and the variable pitch rotor head.  Drive system will need lots of testing but that is phase 2.  Phase 1 is just doing some performance testing on a single rotor head.  Determine lift, drag, power, roll rate, etc.

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  • The concept has been tested on a model using an OpenPilot CC3D.


    It does add alot of mechanical complexity.

  • Frederic, you give me pause.

    I cannot deny most of your points.  Certainly enough of them to make me stop and re-ask myself "Why".

    BTW some perspective on this, I plan to initially fly as a UAV.  May never get past that.  It was of course the prospect of someday climbing in (and not wanting to die) that moved me into the variable pitch, single engine design.

    And hence the complexities and weight of variable pitch and drive systems.

    Another piece of perspective is that I personally find a great deal of satisfaction with the process of designing and testing.  And I'm learning quite a bit in the process.  So I will likely continue on this path, but I greatly appreciate your comments.

  • I see no advantage over a helicopter but a lot of disadvantages.


    David R. Boulanger

  • In concept it sure looks cool, but I would not get in that egg!

  • Developer

    Looks Great ... but Might be worth testing the mechnaics out as a model first

  • why not?

    more complex

    more expensive 


    less reliable

    less energy efficient

    drive system from a central engine = lots of destructive vibrations


    in fact one could claim that the only multicopter advantage is mechanical simplicity thanks to fixed pitch propellers

    if you plan to sit in there you could begin with looking at how carefully individual plane designers approach the design of a much simpler object. if there is a flaw you die...

    good luck

  • Cost and structure wouldn't give you an easy time.

  • Why not? :)

  • T3

    Hmm, I think I'll beat Rob to the punch here.  Why make a quad with variable pitch when you could make a helicopter?

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