Full size Y6 Air-Scooter

3689545259?profile=originalI sat down and made a sketch after i got the idea of making a full-size Y6 with an APM2.5 and Arducopter firmware :)

3689545204?profile=originalA MC like seat and maybe an Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 running AndroPilot or Droidplanner on the dashboard. Or maybe even Mission Planner. Just make a mission and go for a ride :)

3689545308?profile=originalThis is the frame for the enignes and this will be covered by a Carbon fiber body.

I guess there will be some hard-core calculations for engine dimensions, weight and propellers. But imagine how cool it will be to ride this Air-Scooter in Stabilize or other modes!! Maybe this is an idea for a Kickstarter prosject??? I would love to start the building and testing of this future scooter! :-)

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  • I really don't think that electric would be the way to go with something like this... For starters, you'd have to build and program a battery monitor with the sole purpose of making sure the batteries discharge evenly so one of them doesn't explode. Then there's the fact that the energy density of a battery is nowhere near the energy density of gas, which is ok for helis, fine for quads, but for anything of this size, it's horrible. Notice the abundance of gas cars, and not electric ones ;P The sheer amount of weight would cause problems with getting enough lift. Plus, for the amount of money you'd spend on electric motor, batteries, etc... you could buy a car engine. I think you'd need a gas engine for this project..... and a parachute system ;P

  • Single generator, DC offers some benefit. Electric motors swinging the blades. Operate in ground effect only. Everglades, frozen lakes, salt flats etc..
  • Subbed to see where this goes.

  • Also, forgot to mention, you'll need much wider blades to provide any reasonable amount of A) Lift and B) Control and stability. Still, it would look absolutely epic in flight ;)

  • Thought for you: Lower the body down and put the blades up quite a bit..... Think about something like a ninjabike with the sloped body you almost lay down on, but with the blades slightly above headline. You could easily use molded CF arms to provide basically the equivalent of a bike fork up front, but going up, giving you the support for a high mounded rotor and the ability to still see where you're going.

    Also, if you're going to actually do this, you'll need to use one centrally located gas motor and shaft the power out. If you can get every blade running at the same speed, it's a good start :) Then you'll need to use heliheads and variable pitch for response, since those react significantly faster than any prop that size would using speed alone. In addition, you might need to add sideways facing props, or ducted fans if you feel the need, to allow for any significant yaw control.

    Whether or not you're willing to risk your life on a PX4? That's up to you ;P I think this is actually.... well.. doable, with a LOT of CF strength analysis and a lot of weightsaving. And, like every good project, a little bit of crazy ;)

  • 3 engines? 6 engines? Nooooo . 2 are really sufficient, but with years of research! martinjetpack.com

    Why not booking a flight first?

    (to get a down-to-earth feeling, of course! :-)


  • It's really cool. But the battery performance still very low at now.

  • BTW Hover bike might hover but if you ever get it more than 2 or 3 feet off of the ground it will become very interesting and not in a good way.

  • A hovercraft is much easier and really only needs one motor / propeller and a "skirt", but that is a completely different kettle of fish, with the loss of lift on a raised portion immediately reestablishing stabilization - EG self stabilizing.

    You want to build a battery powered hover craft, perfectly feasible and doesn't even use that much power.

    But if you want this design to actually fly and you are going to pilot I wonder if I could take out a life insurance policy on you.

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