Gas+electric hybrid multi-copters ...


Hi All,


We have recently discovered a way to build hybrid gas/electric-powered multi-copters and would like to share it with you.


The main advantages are:

1) Heavy lift - due to gas engine power

2) Long endurance - due to high gas fuel power density

3) Safety - power source redundancy for safe landing


For the full description of the idea please have a look at:

We are also looking for partners to help us with prototyping and commercializing the idea.

You comments in the blog are welcome ...


Best Regards,

The team

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  • Eddie Weeks 19 hours ago
    Very interesting experiment? U project is still developing?
    Apropos tai pilot  assembled unit ... however =)

  • @Eddie Weeks. Thank you for the interesting video. Could you please provide any technical details about the hex-copter on the video? Weight total/dry, flight-time, useful weight, propeller size/pitch, brushless motors used, etc.?  The video was posted 7 months ago. Do you still working on it ? It’s very interesting!
    Thank you.

  • This was done a while back and it works well... Generator make over 1000 watts..

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