Subset of Tetra Cam ADC Imagery

We recently received a data collection courtesy of David Dvorak using the Tetra Cam ADC Multi-spectral image sensor. DroneMapper processed 189 geo-tagged 3.2 mega pixel images into geo-referenced Orthomosaic, DEM, DSM and Point Clouds with an area of 1.6 km sq. The AGL of the flight was 1000 ft resulting in a 15 cm GSD per pixel. Processing time was about 2 hours for this data set. 


3689511062?profile=originalGeo-referenced Orthomosaic using Tetra Cam ADC

Accurate DEM construction is still possible using 3.2 mega pixel images:


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  • the resolution of the tetracam is super low... compared to a modified poweshot camera.. I was seeing one canon s100 modified by maxmax, looks the same as tetracam, but with 4000x3000 pixels

  • i´m trying to get a mosaic with a set of images from tetracam on the 30-day trial version of agisoft photoscan, still with no sucess. does anyone have any hint on how to get the software to understand the r-g-nir bands? even with gps info, the poit cloud is totally wrong, and the generated mosaic is useless.

  • Thanks, unfortunately I don't have a good gimbal recommendation. I have seen some recent posts on this site for good looking gimbal designs .. we can work with off NADIR imagery but only to about 20 degrees or so

  • Very nice work!

    Would you please recommend the gimbal options for mounting ADC camera? I plan to purchase the Turbo Ace X88.

    Thank you!

  • Really sweet, I would love to see some vegetation indices and maybe some classification results?

  • That's a beautiful image.  Next you need to put the spectral index for marijuana into the wild and you'll create a drone market for liberals and conservatives. Instead of mapquest, you'll have potquest.  Tomtom's will be declaring drug users have "reached [their] destination" for ditch weed across the world.  Law enforcement will want the latest cop-pot-copters. Oh, I suppose it's probably pretty useful for fallow fields and AG stuff too... j/k.  Very impressive work, especially the digital elevation models.  Did you use stereo vision or construct it from multiple passes? 

  • Hi all: 
    @Kirill Thanks for the offer! We would have to check with the owner of the data if that is possible. I think Pteryx and pix4d both have raw nir imagery available for testing if you are interested. 

    @Tim We haven't from this data set yet but may when time permits. We've done a few NDVI / EVI calculations on other data sets (see my blog on this site)


  • Very nice. Are you going to do any crop index maps from this (NDVI, SA-NDVI, GI, etc)?

  • Cool) Could you please share this sample data with me? I am learning agisoft photoscan and still have trial time left. I would send you orthomosaic and model back so you could compare it with dronemapper. PM me, please!

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