I know there are instructions for setting up a DX7 and a DX8 to get 6 modes out of channel 5, but the DX7s is a bit different from each of those other transmitters.  Here are screen shots of the 3 sets of changes you need to make to use the 2-way Gear and 3-way Flap switches to send 6 different modes down channel 5.




I hope those are legible, My screen is pretty scratched, and of course for the millionth time I wish the display was backlit.   

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  • What are you seeing? On the radio, if it is set right and you go to "Servo Setup" and move the Flap toggle and the gear toggle you should  the GER and AX1 bars move on the Servo screen. If you do not see them move your radio is not set up correctly. If they do move you have to look at the setup in Mission Planner.

    Or perhaps you do not have the wiring from you receiver set up correctly. Can you tell me if you see that the radio is set up right?



  • Hi. I also use a DX7s radio and want to use 6 flight modes (5 would also be ok) but it doesn't work. I followed the tutorial of bruce but for me it does not work.It would be nice if someone could provide some help on that topic.


  • Tanks to the OP for this. I got it to work for all 6 modes. The only thing I changed was instead of -85% in MIX 2 I dropped it to -50% and I get all 6 flight modes on channel 5


    This is for a DX7S and an AR8000

  • Scot, sorry I just discovered the Flap sitwch is mixed with the rudderDR/mix switch, not gear....... Now I'm confused....


    So in my case Gear channel has nothing to do with flight modes... Sorry for the confusion, there's been a while since I don;t fly this plane in particular.


  • TRavel on my gear channel is: +85%


    Travel on flap: +- 150%

    I have a DX7.


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  • Scott,

    Yes, I'm using Aux (flap witch) and gear channels.

    INput 8 (where flight modes should connect to) on APM is going to Aux 1 channel on spektrum receiver.

    I remember I had the same problem when setting tbhis up, same as you. I found after lots of research someone somewhere post that I should start with a fresh model in the memory. Don't copy the current model, just start a new one, but maybe start only with the flight modes. I did this and it was solved and still ignore the real reason but it worked.

    Then I manually copied the other settings...

    I'll post a pic of my mix settings anyway in a few minutes.

    Hope this helps



  • I should also mention I am using Arduplane so my APM input channel is 8.

    I dont get why this isnt working for me. I have Aux1 on the RC Rx cabled to APM input 8, its giving me 3 modes off the Flap switch. I have followed the steps above so precisly atleast 15 times and checked 15 more and I dont see any change in PWM at all when flicking the switches. Even in Radio Cal i see no change from any switches accept the Flaps switch...

    Any help here would be super appreciated.

  • I'm using a DX7s. And correct me if I'm wrong but are you using Aux1 as well as the Gear channel?

    I'm sure your cabling detail should clear that up. Be much appreciated mate.
  • I can share mine settings if you want, its slightly different. It actually gives 5 flight modes not 6.

    Do you hve a dx7?


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