I know there are instructions for setting up a DX7 and a DX8 to get 6 modes out of channel 5, but the DX7s is a bit different from each of those other transmitters.  Here are screen shots of the 3 sets of changes you need to make to use the 2-way Gear and 3-way Flap switches to send 6 different modes down channel 5.




I hope those are legible, My screen is pretty scratched, and of course for the millionth time I wish the display was backlit.   

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  • Just a minor update on where I am - I bought a Turnigy 9XR transmitter with FrSky radios.  I put OpenTx on it and have been totally blown away by how easy and intuitive it is with that to set up all kinds of switch options.  For anyone flying multicopters in more than 3 modes, OpenTx is really the cat's meow.  And FrSky is rock solid.  

    Now if only I could get OpenTx on a transmitter with the build quality and amazing customer service of Spektrum.

  • Whoo hoo.....
    Glad I could help Mitch. You are very welcome.
  • Yeah. That's what I needed to know. Those settings along with the screenshots of the mixes did the trick. I'm up and running now with all flight modes on channel 5. Thanks for your help.
  • You mentioned the switch setting, did you mean the setup screen labeled SW Select? 

    If so, this is what I have.

    Trainer: Inh                   Flap: Aux1

    F Mode: Inh                  Mix: Inh

        Gear: Gear               Knob: Aux2

  • Hi MegaFlare. I would like to get a copy of your .SPM file. Could you also please post a picture of your dx7s screen showing your system switch settings. This will show me which aux channels are set to the various switches on your transmitter. That in conjunction with your .SPM file should get me to where your at. I sent you a friend request on this forum. The forum would not let me PM you unless we were friends. Thanks in advance for your help.

  • I took the settings that Bruce initially posted and tweaked them a bit and I was able to get all 6 flight modes functioning properly.

    Not sure why I got it to work after so much tweaking but I cannot argue with the results.  Everyone is posting the settings that they have changed but we may also need to consider the other settings that we are not changing or showing pictures of. 


    I have a .SPM file for anyone who wants it - just PM me and I will be happy to forward.  If you want detailed instructions, check out the you tube video below and the link to the pictures I took with tweaked values below. 


    Find more photos like this on DIY Drones

    YouTube Instructions

  • @MegaFlare

    No probs. Very happy to help out in the little ways I can.

  • Thanks, that did it.  I appreciate the response. 

  • @MegaFlare.....

    I'm sure if I'm getting what you are saying but maybe when you are trying to change the numbers maybe try moving the Gear switch. Again not sure if you've tried it. Maybe just try again.
  • Bruce or Fabian.....

    I'm trying to replicate the settings on the screen but I noticed on both of your posts that under Servo - Travel - Gear there are two percentage numbers. 

    Bruce - your original pics show 40% (left) & 70%(right) but when I go into these settings I can only adjust the number on the right.  How do I adjust the one on the left.  I have pressed every button on the controller but still cannot get it to move to that % value on the left. 

    Any suggestions? 

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