We all know it's easy to display information on Google Earth, like the position of a UAV. However getting information back, like the GPS coordinates of a mouse click, is another story. I really wanted to give my LabView GroundStation for my UGV SAGAR the ability the to 'click and go' anywhere on the Google Earth map. This is similar to the various wishes I have heard around here for the ability to upload new waypoints to ArduPilot while she's flying.

Well, I figured out how to do it, and I'm here to share. Here's a video of my sample LabView VI that reads in the GPS coordinates of the mouse over the Google Earth map, captures the position of a left mouse click, and feeds it back into Google Earth through the well known network KML file.

The Source code is available at my website here

The opens the door to new GroundStation features, like "Click and Go" during a flight. Also, it could mean the retiring of ConfigTool, as all mission planning and status could be done through a single LabView VI with Google Earth.
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  • Hey Bill,

    I am building a UAV using LabVIEW and sbRIO.  I have downloaded the VI you have written and it works a treat!  I was wondering if you have a similar VI written for the stuff you show on your youtube video above.  If I could get the coordinates of all the waypoints you place down in your video, into LabVIEW, it would be amazing!  Do you have any code laying around that does that?

    Thanks !

  • Email sent auto, look forward to participating.

    In the mean time, here's my progress.


    notice it doesn't drop waypoints when moving the map or using controls, and you can move a waypoint by clicking it once, and clicking again to drop.
  • hi i m new to this field,not reached upto this level,but surely will.I wn to ask whether is it possible to upload new waypoints while it is flying and if it is possible how will it be done,will we have to use Tx/Rx module to do so.
    secondly can we locate our GPS on google earth without any Tx/Rx means to say can google earth locate any preffered GPS device on it without having any contact via Tx/Rx module
  • Hi Bill,
    PM me your email address and I can include you on the LabVIEW GCS team
  • Gosh! Way to smash my hopes and dreams of being the first!

    Yeah, I'm working on that as well. It looks like it can be done, but slightly backwards by placemark IDs like you say. But to the user, it would be a matter of clicking it to give it focus; which in Labview would 'release' the waypoint coordinates, and clicking again on it's new position on the map. Not exactly click and drag, but I would still call it user friendly.

    Would you care to send me what you have already?
  • Bill,
    nice work. Actually I have already done this to the ArduPilot GCS, however code is not released since other things need to be worked out. Mainly, ability to edit already placed waypoint ( placemark) - say if you want to "grab it" with the mouse and "move it" around, like you can do with Google Maps and current config tool - which is really user friendly way of doing it. I can see how waypoint edit can be done in different manner (using placemark IDs) but it might be awkward user interface. To accomplish this I don't see any available / exposed Google Earth COM API properties or methods. If you know of them I am all ears.
    Future iterations of GCS will support bi-directional communication, (certain) parameter changes, etc.
  • Admin
    yep, via 2way tele would be gr8
  • It can be done. Just a matter of someone sitting down and hashing it out. I might add it to my groundstation soon, as I currently use ConfigTool to generate my ground missions.

    My UGV uploads missions into EEPROM over Xbee, I don't see why Ardupilot couldn't do the same. No more ripping out the programmer on the field.
  • Admin
    we need multiple WP in table like config tool, but this good start
  • Admin
    gr8 :)
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