Ghetto fpv goggles.

Ok so for the first time, this isn't one of my own posts. However, it is possible to make your own ghetto fpv goggles to enable you to have a more immersive flying experience, and also look like a dimwit at the same time ;)

And if you're happy to buy a cheap kit version. Look here:

:) :) :)

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  • Have you seen the ancestor of the Oculus Rift - FOV2GO?

    FOV2GO Viewer
  • There are a lot of fresnel lens on ebay. The credit card size pocket magnifier seems very popular and cheap. It might require one for each eye.  Print out a case.  Add an old cell phone or small monitor and you could have a nice set up if you can put in the time it would take.  

  • I'm very familiar with this post. I personally think its too low tech, and low quality. They use those cheap 1/4 resolution LCDs which are just terrible. So I'm working on making my own guide. Stay tuned.

  • Hmmm .. Any lens + any HD display (i.e. smartfone) = HD google.
    Apropos why both eye? =)

  • I've made a pair of these with a 3.5" LCD and a fresnel lens. They look goofy but they work quite well, and are the best way to try FPV without making a significant investment.

  • Nice demo.

    Mount a pair of +3 reading glasses in the goggles and you can reduce the distance of the screen a couple inches.
    Then attach the box to the bill of a hat to take the weight off.
  • Oww my neck. 

    But if it's a spectator holding them just to see what's going on, it's brilliant. 

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    The wings Rob makes are very good as well I love them!

  • They have been an extremely popular product, some folk especially glasses wearers love them. £220 for fatsharks or approx £27.00 for these. Also work well as a cheap passenger set or for the spectator who wants a ride 


    Also see   58,000 views !

  • hmm not very practical if you ask me

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