I continue my blog with the integration of GimBALL into the nose of an X-UAV Talon.
Because of complexity and available space in the Talon's nose, I decided to build it with 2-axis stabilized setup.

I hope I'll be able to test it in the air soon, and will share some test videos. Till then, here are some sample images about the current state:

3689631624?profile=original 3689631713?profile=original


Regarding STL files, finally I decided to share them at GrabCad.
If you like my work, you can donate me with some bucks too!!!

Please note that this is an experimental work, and maybe need some modifications, adjustments to successful operation. Use my files on your own risk!!!

Here are the suggested motor types again:

  • on pitch: HK-2206-140KV
  • on roll: RCTimer 2212
  • regarding yaw, my first thought was RCTimer 2804 hollow shaft, but initial testing shows that it is not strong enough. So I made a modified arm with flat top too (rev2 files), so much more big motors can also be used

Please note also that I'll not modify GimBALL for any other cameras than MobiusHD because design process needs a lot of time and I'm doing DIY things in my limited spare time. Sorry HERO users. Please do not ask me, I'll not reply to these. Thanks for understanding!

Next time I'll show you some sample videos! (PART3). Stay tuned!!!


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  • I'm looking for other projects like this. I must build a gimbal (2 or 3 axis) to be mounted frontally. Any suggestions, please?


  • I meant is there any need of extra support at the pan motor for the camera? since in the nose mounted position, the camera weight will exert a downward force on the pan motor

  • Divya, I can't really understand you. all motors have proper mounting places and holes.

    MD, use smart support and it will reduce the amount.

  • are you directly mounting the pan motor or are you using any bearing/surface for support?

  • Thanks for the photo. I will give it a try like that. Will take a lot more support material but should be worth it. Thanks.

  • Adrián, thanks for suggestions. I used the bigger motors because I had them laying around and not being used. That's why I was trying to adapt the STL files to accommodate. 

    Didn't think of the CG, definitely going to add some weight. Thanks! The controller board I had ready to use lost its boot loader so I cant get the serial port back up on it to adjust the settings (I have a USBASP to program the atmel 328p chip and I can flash it but still doesn't work... I tried countless times...). Nonetheless I've ordered a new controller board so I will try it once it arrives.

    The vapor bath really does work well, and quickly! The nice thing is if you do it with some of the pieces of the ball screwed together and there are any parts that don't perfectly fit (shrinkage, etc from the printing) it pretty much makes it so all the pieces align due to the softening if you leave it in a little longer (heated vapor bath is REALLY quick), I left it in 15 seconds or so...

    Anyway, this thing looks great! I'll give another go and see if I can get it better but if it's easy to amend the sketchup file for those motors (it's really the pitch arm but the vertical posts as well for the clearance), that would be awesome! Trying to do it with STL files is more than difficult!

    Thanks again Adrián! Awesome work!

  • Hi, I was using this orientation for printing.3701913061?profile=original

  • MD, I'd suggest to give a try on the small HK motor on pitch. Not as expensive...

    Using the bigger motor on pitch shifts the Mobius CG, so probably you should add some extra weight somewhere to balance the gimbal.

    This vapor bath makes surface snmoother, I like it. Fot the top element I'd suggest to rotate 90 degrees in printer like the bottom one. Then the "printing lines" would go together with the cylindrical surface, giving even smoother surface. I'll make a suggestion soon.

  • Oh cool, it showed up and wasn't deleted. My bad. Stupid computer didn't reload it. :)

  • No worries. Thanks so much Adrián. Great design! Here is my first pass at it. Pretty cool looking! Used ABS at .3mm and gave it a quick vapor bath afterwards. You can see from the photos that the motor sticks out 5mm too much on the pitch arm (I'm using dys 2208 motors on both roll and pitch) so it can't roll completely (hits the top) because in the vertical position the arm is 5mm too high. Really awesome design! 2208 has a diameter of 27.5mm and length of 26mm. Definitely going to give it another go. Printed with support on every piece. Definitely recommended for anyone with a 3D printer and mobius to give it a try.



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