Hi again,

Hereby I'd like to continue my project. As I said earlier, all parts were printed using a Stratasys 3D printer, which uses FDM technology and support material too. These were the parts coming from the printer:




I made a small PCB for the modified USB plug:


DSC_0821_www.kepfeltoltes.hu_.jpg?width=150 DSC_0824_www.kepfeltoltes.hu_.jpg?width=150 DSC_0825_www.kepfeltoltes.hu_.jpg?width=170

Assembly of the arms:





USB plug assembled - plug-n-play solution for Mobius!


And finally some fully assembled shots. Now I'm waiting for the yaw motor and the controller to be delivered. After that I'll start testing in PART3. So stay tuned!!!

Best regards




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  • T3

    Looks nice!  You should wrap those external cables in a sleeve, something like this.

  • MR60


    Can you share the STL files for the parts? 

    Looks very good.

  • This is a 3-axis design. There will be a hollow-shaft motor at the top ot the outter arm, where now all the wires are coming out. I hope I'll get the motor delivered soon, within days.

    Regarding weight, it is 215g now with mobius, excluding the yaw motor. So maybe will a bit lighter than I thought, :)

    Regarding motor axes, for proper working, the motor axes have to cross the Center of Gravity not the sphere's center point! If yaw motor's axis would match the spere, it would be really tail-heavy caused by the additional weight (pitch motor, outter arm, wires). And this is the reason that the yaw motor position is adjustable within 7 mm range.

  • Great Job. Looking forward for actual output video..

  • Moderator

    Your 3D design in Part 1 showed a Pan motor built into the top, but now your wiring is run through that area.

    Is this a 3 axis design, or am I mistaken; and if it is, should not the top centre-line of the mount be exactly in line with the centre-line of the ball, to prevent the ball from swinging out of the opening in the front fuselage?  (or into the slipstream if meant to be mounted in the open)

    Sorry, I am not any type of an engineer or anything... just curious.

  • Adrian, this is looking awesome. 

    One question, have you thought of using the mobius's ability to remote locate the lens/sensor unit to build an even smaller gimbal? I would like to make a gimbal that only has the lens/sensor and places the mobius body inside the aircraft. That would mean an even smaller and lighter gimbal??


    Wow makes me want to buy a Mobius and get this printed. will the files be on any 3d printing service and marketplace ?


  • Moderator

    Adryan , 

    congratulation , very nice design , only a question how heavy is it  ?



  • 100KM

    Really nice gimbal!  Good work.  I'm curious to see the final result!

  • So something even more unique should have been developed….

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