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  • You can buy the same gimbal at goodluckbuy for about $85 and thats with free post to anywhere in the world.

  • Hi Dave, It was meant about the gimball in the OP. But my mate has one that looks like yours and he likes it.

  • Thanks Stuart if your answer was for me. I think I may have the less costly version of the Storm gimbal.

  • oh i did have to locktite the screws for the frame/arm

  • ive got one of these, wasnt that cheap though...still trally like it. balance is a touch off....i have  a 50 pence coin taped on the pitch motor side and use a pound coin tucked in the strap on top of the gopro....pefeck :)

  • I guess I meant software on the storm gimbal?

  • I purchased the Storm gimbal from $179.00. Has a mini USB port but they told me technology so new they had no firmware. Anyone know what it might be? Would love to tweek it if possible. I think they probably used someones stuff and are afraid to admit it. Looks like a Martinez board but not sure. Works well although once in awhile it does a little spasm thing! - The Largest RC Helicopter Online Store - The Largest RC Helicopter Online Store online at the Lowest Price. HeliPal is the largest rc helicopter online store. HeliPal is famous…
  • Here is another 60$ offer:

    @robert "write better software" look at the pid controllers and cry:

    Nothing more to say.

    This 32 Bit part looks interesting:

    Checking up github there seems to be some very nice code from the - well known - John Ihlein online.

  • @jani

    write better software ....

  • This gimbal uses the BLGC software. I have one of these and cannot recomment it because:
    - Balance is really bad. As pictured the balance is way off. 
    - Heavy
    - cheap bearring motor's so backlash from the start

    Price is quite nice indeed

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