Glorious Day for my Arducopter: Second Flight


Special thanks to Paul Dowling and Jason Short for their help with PID's tunning! I would have never taken off without their advice.


Both stabilize and simple mode work flawlessly.


The beast is flying with four 4 cells batteries, 400 gram each. wingspan is 120 cm. Propellers are 14 X 7 3 blades.

Total flight weight: HEAVY.

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    Jeff E: Yes, the batteries are strapped underneath each motor.


    I.S.: Each battery supplies each motor, with no PDB. I used to 'fly' with 2 batteries and a PBD, but the flight time was too short. Also it felt like I couldn't tune up the PID values enough in order to hover stably because it was too easy for the motors to change the copter's attitude, making it wooble. The batteries, at 400 g each, add inertia to the system, and the autonomy rises to around 8 and a half minutes.

    I also felt I needed to lower the RPM's on the props. I was running 12 X 6's, RPM's were high and the wobbling was snappy. 14 X 7's 3 blades are the maximum the motors can take and lowered the RPM's greatly.


    ionut: I am using a Futaba 6EX 2.4 ghz. I installed a pot and created a digital in-radio mix in the tx to get 4 flight modes.


    Michael Oborne:

    PID's are as follow:


    STAB ROLL= 2.2                   STAB PITCH= 2.2

    STAB ROLL I= 0.001             STAB PITCH I= 0

    RATE ROLL P= 0.073           RATE PITCH= 0.073

    RATE ROLL I= 0                    RATE PITCH= 0.001


    I will be tweaking them up in the next couple of days, let me know if you want updates on the values.

    Cheers everyone!


  • Developer

    what pids did you end up with?

  • What Rx transmitter are you using? 

  • It looks like batts are at the edge of arms. Why that? maybe to avoid Pwr distro board (I mean each batt, supplys one motor-esc?)

    Is it not better to keep weight at the CoG?

    Why are u using higher pitch props? instead of the typical lower ones 4.5 or so?

    Congratulations for your big, nice flying quad.

  • thats very smooth....are the batteries strap underneath each motor?

  • Aydin, the motors are Eflite Power 25, 870kv

    I will post the PID's setting soon, I am at work now, working very very hard, you will be surprised at the values!! they are really low.

  • That's great!

    please share you pid settings and motor type, brand

  • 3D Robotics

    That's huge! Very smooth flight, too. 

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