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For those of us that have never seen a GoPro camera before, it's hard to imagine just how small this powerful mini really is.

What camera could be smaller while still  providing 10 MP, 1080p video at 60 fps all while packing an amazing wide angle lens? Gopro answered that themselves with there new lineup. Coming from $299 for the Gopro2, and $199 for the Gopro 1. The new GoPro lineup leaves there former lineups resale value plummeting.

    There are 3 models that belong to the new lineup, each one featuring built in WiFi (a $70 backpack addition for the GoPro2) and each one 25% smaller then the GoPro 2. 

Starting the lineup at $199 The white model features 1080p30 / 960p30 / 720p60fps video and a 5MP camera.

The Silver edition ($299) Features 1080p30 / 960p48 / 720p60fp, and a 10MP camera.

But the black steals the show ($399) featuring 1080p60 / 720p120 / 1440p48 / 4kp15 / 2.7kp30 / WVGA-240fps Video and a 12MP camera, as well as an included WiFi remote

Anyone have a 4k Tv?

And you still get the waterproof camera case and mounting accessories free of charge.

Even the older GoPro leaves most camera Gimbal looking overstated, to say the least.

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  • Hey Jon and Will,

    You shouldn't be so quick to jump on the anti-bandwagon for IR.  Some of us (probably more than a handful) are looking into this for a number of legit reasons.  Mine are health and safety or where light pollution is of concern.  I'm sure you know that just because the tech is around, doesn't mean that it would be mis-used.

    Anyway, just my AUD$0.02.

    I wasn't agreeing with him about IR, I was defending it. Just because something gets used in a bad way by a minority of the population doesn't make it bad.

    Like I said, I think it would be awsome to fly in the dark. Ive made several IR "Flashlights" for a number of clients who use Surveillance cams in there stores, and without an IR filter.

    The go pro Wide angle lens definatley isn't for everyone, but it's amazing tech for the price. Pretty much all of these Reality shows are using them for at least some of there filming. especially when people are in vehicles. Hell SyFy probably buys half the GoPro cameras produced! (That channel is such a sellout) especially now that they have 2.7 resolution.

  • What Gimbal is that?

  • I'm surprised no one has chimed in about the new Sony HDR-AS10 Action Video Camera. 

    Sony's Action Cam site

    Sony action cam on amazon

    GoPro has such a huge top-of-mind presence that people don't look much further. I find the Hero's super wide angle and barrel distortion annoying. And the 'jello' effect of rolling shutter compounds the annoyance. The GoPro has its uses but smooth, cinema-style shots are hard to get. I like a narrower view closer to 90 deg. and stabilization that 'real' video cameras offer. I've had very good results with a Sony CX-160 Handycam that is surprisingly light weight. The Sony (I'm not a Sony fanboy, they just make good vid cams) NEX-5N shoots really top notch 1080 60p that can be slowed to 50% and looks great. I have a 16mm 'pancake' (24mm 35mm equiv.) and it provides nearly a 90 deg. field of view. 

    For really good slo mo, 60p works best. 

    Did I mention the Sony is $199? 

  • Moderator

    Hey Jon and Will,

    You shouldn't be so quick to jump on the anti-bandwagon for IR.  Some of us (probably more than a handful) are looking into this for a number of legit reasons.  Mine are health and safety or where light pollution is of concern.  I'm sure you know that just because the tech is around, doesn't mean that it would be mis-used.

    Anyway, just my AUD$0.02.

  • There are threads and groups in this forum dedicated to designing remote guidance systems for high-powered rockets, and it's night vision that you're concerned about?  So much of the technology discussed in this forum could potentially be used for nefarious means - it seems strange to single out night vision as "really creepy", but then maybe it's a cultural difference.  Anyway, thanks for your suggestions.  Definitely won't be flying around people anyway.

  • Actually flying in complete darkness would be pretty cool, I doubt you would need to change lenses to take advantage of it, although that may help get the most out of it. And as long as your not flying around people (which you shouldnt be doing anyways) I think the Pervert police will leave you alone.

    Jani: the mount I was using on the  quad I just sold was almost Identical to that one...(it had the 2 holes rather then the plate and a different tray) only I payed twice that for it! If anyones looking for a mount, I would highly recommend you pick on of those up.  Roll and Tilt stabilization is really  you need with a quad, for yaw you just rotate the quad (unless you want the legs in the pic) Let me know if you want someone to test out that cam for your! ;)

  • Regarding IR illumination for night flying, that's a really creepy thing to do. Don't do that. People will justifiably think you're a pervert and we'll all look bad. Use a powerful white LED instead, such as found on this quadcopter.

  • Regarding Jean-Baptiste's question, FoxTech sells the HoryzonHD Full HD 1080p FPV camera V2 which has video quality equal to the Hero 2 in a more flexible and aerodynamic form.

    There are some even smaller recording cameras which have the same nominal specs as the Hero, such as the HD Wing Camera II, but the video quality of these tends to be noticeably worse than the Hero cams.

  • These GoPro cameras have an IR filter on the lens, don't they?  So for FPV at night, using IR LEDs for illumination, one would need to replace the lens?

    What if I wanted to fly during the day and night without switching the lens between flights.  Is there any way this is possible?  Ideally I would like to be able to fly between high and low light environments by just turning the IR LEDs on and off.

  • Developer

    Will you should have a bit smaller mount :)

    Take a look: GoPro mount

    Btw we are bringing soon on market this new camera that we have been working with manufacturer almost a year. 

    Specs as follows and price will be around 140-16USD:

    1. Image Sensor: 1/2.5 CMOS
    2. Effective Pixels:5.0 Mega Pixels
    3. Lense : fixed focus, f=3.35mm,angle of view=142°
    4. Exposure Control: Auto Exposure
    5. White balance: Auto White Balance
    6. Recording System
    Photos: Format: JPEG
    Pixels: 2592×1944
    Single continuous shooting: Take 3/5/10 photos per one shooting
    Auto continuous shooting: Take one photo every other 3/5/10/30/60S
    Video: Format: H.264 video compression
    Size : 16:9 1920×1080(30fps)
    4:3 1440×1080(30fps)
    16:9 1280×720(60fps)
    16:9 1280×720(30fps)
    Video section:(5/10/15/30min optional)
    Quality/Bitrate:(High, Medium, Low)
    7. Memory: High speed Micro SD card(TF card) up to 32GB
    8. Output and input interface
    Multifunction interface:AV out, USB(Compatible with standard MINI 5Pin USB plug)、DC input
    Audio channel: Mono
    USB 2.0 high-speed communication
    Lens wire to PCB board interface: 5pin-1.25(12V input、Ground、Video output、Audio output、Control input)
    9. Dimensions:37×37×31mm(Do not contain lens and prominent part)
    10. Weight: 60g (not including memory card)
    11. Operation temperature:-10~60℃
    12. Power input: DC 12V/0.5A

    ArduCopter GoPro Cameramount, 2 axis
    R/C UAV and ArduCopter manufacturer and one stop shop. We make your FPV come true.
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