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  • @Ian, that is right. For journalist, if the control system is simpler, you could focus on your important video job.

  • Lester & Phil: Thanks for the humor. I apologize. Sure there are plenty of good journalists.
    Just the few who do not understand percent have it so much easier to "find" sensations ... who wins prizes for journalism ... and create "established truths".

    I have built a dozen drones and the "design journey is long":
    - A small drone who can not lift a camera while still having a reasonable flight time is not useful.
    - A small drone that has great flight time with the camera, but where the pictures are rubbish, are not useful.
    - A big drone with good flight time and a camera that takes good pictures and good ... too bad that it not possible to take on the subway or airplane.

    I'm working now on three different new versions. The whole system needs to fit in a backpack medium or medium cabinbag, take good pictures, have good flight time and be durable.

  • There's definitely a niche market for drones specifically designed to meet the needs of today's journalists, who are now often required to be master of all things: writer, cinematographer and photographer - a simple to fly tablet based drone would address many of these requirements (although perhaps not the writing ...) - the biggest hurdle to overcome seems to be a lack of legislation and regulation which is preventing a lot of these technologies from achieving their full potential.
  • @Han`s you make me laugh, I`m a photojournalist and I know that 2x2=22 lol.

    I`ve been working on a platform for my own use for sometime,there are not a lot of multi rotors out there that are cost effective and are able to withstand the riggers of working in developing countries.

    Not all of use are completely stupid.

  • T3

    While I think the folding design and built in carrying handle are certainly showy, I think they would be better served by a non folding design which can be stowed in a light-weight carry case.  I would worry about the folding craft being bumped and damaged during transport.

  • Moderator

    Wot Lester said about journalists and Chris might agree.

  • T3

    News crews will soon include the camera operator, the boom mic operator, and the copter operator.

  • Admin

    Those could be wheels too,would be interesting to see the hybrid  copter.

  • I hope it fit into a guitar case

  • if you removed the prop shields, and if the arms could hinge where they meet the main hinge, the thing could fold flat enough to put in a tube. Then you could carry it and the camera on your back.

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