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  • As VP for the PSDJ ( )  I applaud the move to specific job aircraft, it may not be perfect yet, but there are a lot good things in the design. What is important is that not all journalists can spend the time learning even the basics of flying. The simpler the control systems the better, tablet way points are probably the best although lack the fine tuning of stick flying it's easier for journalists to pick up and operate in the field.

  • @Hans H: I'm a journalist and must protest your outrageous slur against our mathematical abilities. If I had a euro for every time I've heard that we can't do maths I'd have, er, hold on, I need a calculator, what's five times six again.....?

  • I think the multirotor is for everyone using. Not just for journalist.

    Battery: Gens Ace 8000mAh.

    Have you use this battery?

  • Is the intended customer journalists?

    Drones are complicated technical stuff and journalists often have problems with the simplest forms of mathematics and physics. Calculating percentage is far beyond journalistic knowledge. Fly a drone?

  • In addition to "journalist" & "hobby" quads, there need to be "his" & "her" quads.

  • Moderator

    Very polished arrival on the scene though. I like the handle the most along with Asctec camera type mounting.

  • yes we all know - apm and pixie do not wobble :-)

    maybe you need to change the sw.

    but for shure the mass out of the center gives it it's flight characteristics.

    the same applies for the ar.drone.

    safecopter seems to be out if bussiness.

  • Developer

    The basic shape is similar to the safeflight copters.  The build materials are different but I wonder if it might suffer from the same instability that the safeflight copters had which I think was caused by having a lot of surface area far out from the COG.  The video shows it flying indoors and if you look at the video here I think it's possible to see it's a bit wobbly.

    I don't want to be negative of course, it's very sweet looking and I'd love a copter with prop guards, just want to point out the little tidbit I learned from my experiences with the safeflight copter.

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