Got the OSD working

I blew up my first MinimOSD, and then received my second one, but didn't realize I needed the FTDI cable, so another week went by, but all is good now..

I received my FDTI cable from 3DR today, which i needed to get my MinimOSD loaded and working. Within minutes I had it working and configured. This is a great product and very inexpensive for all that it does! So, I am in a waiting mode for a good time to do another FPV flight, although I feel I should wait until 2.92., I will feel much more comfortable with the inertial navigation in the X-Y.\

I am using the camera from 3DR that is a night cam/ day cam and auto switch's.
I was amazed when I took it outdoors tonight. I live in a rural area that doesn't even have streetlights. There was no moon out and the only source of light was the lights from distant houses in the hills. The camera shows the multitude of pinpoints of light sources and even showed the trees, and other objects that I couldn't see much better with my eyes. I was amazed, I am used to cameras that show nothing in the dark..

My plan of getting some interesting video, (already have a number of subjects in mind) at night looks like it just might work..

Anyway, as soon as I do, I will post the video or some pictures here. I just hope my GoPro 3 Black will do as good!

Here is how it is mounted, (used the bolt that holds an arm on)


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  • Can you give us the details on your setup?

  • Hey Richard,

    Thanks for posting. I've been following your posts since Dec and I really enjoy reading your blogs. I haven't begun my build of my 3DR-C yet but I'm getting ready for it. I believe that your encountering some of the issues I will face in the future so thanks for laying them out on the table for all to see. 

    Appreciate it. Keep it up!

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