GPS Setting to /binary

I have loaded 2.2 onto the Ardupilot and put the jumper on to set the gps to binary and home position.The blue led blinks fast but never gets a lock, it used to work before I/ tried to set it to binaryPaul
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    I discovered that the PPS was connected to gnd on the Shield a while back and asked Jordi why he had done that on the Shield board. His response was that it did not matter. Though he does have a GPS output pin tied to gnd which may not be ideal in the long run.

    Just a thought.

  • Hi,
    I had GPS lock very fast at first time. But I made a longer cable to connect the EM406 and the I no more had a lock (why is the pps connected to ground in the shield?). Cable is 4 pins, ground, vin, rx, tx at first, then I soldered the other ground and pps to first ground. No success!
    GPS led off (binary mode).
    Any suggestion?
    Thanks for help.
  • The new version 2.2.3 solves this problem if your using the EM406
  • Yes the kit and tube. Thanks for the info I getting there, I think
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    See Appendix 2 here.

    I hope you ordered the shield kit, and not just the sheild. You'll want the pitot tube and connectors that come with the kit.
  • Thanks chris.

    Just ordered the shield from the store, I had a look attpilot but I cant see the sensors for sale on their site
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    I doubt there will ever be a supplier for the XYZ sensors in the UK, but we'll make them affordable on our site (give us another week or two). In general, the easiest course is just to get the standard hardware, so you can follow the manual. Thanks for your patience! (I think you got involved just before we released the standard package of shield kit and manual, so I can understand why it was confusing)
  • The RX was on but looking at Chris comment that the shield is required for 2.2 which I don't have.
    Is this the only way to set the GPS to binary also I dont have the xy z sensors on yet as I cant find a supplier in the UK. I jumped into this project before fully understanding all the software and hardware. I just got the Xbee's working but had to disconnect the rx connection as it wont work with the gps on the same time.
    Any further tips would be appreciated
  • @Paul Har, did you have the RC-receiver connected and powered-on while trying to get your first fix ?

    I noticed the code will halt in an indefinite wait if it can't read the receiver to obtain the "stick" values.
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    "Shield" is the Arduino term for an expansion board, such as ours (required with ArduPilot 2.2). At this point we're only supporting 2.2 and the recommended hardware; check out the manual for the correct setup procedure.

    I predict things will go much more smoothly when you've got the shield kit.
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