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Great Tricopter build log

William Thielicke has done a terrific job of documenting the design of Shrediquette, his custom Arduino-controlled Tricopter. Check out the gorgeous video above. The build log is here, PDF instruction here and the latest news in the blog here. Full GPS-guided autonomy is coming next.

(via Makezine)
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  • Amazing project, even more amazing video. The beginning transition to super slo-mo was SO cool.
  • Nice. I like the micro guy too! And blog list for that?
  • Fantastic work - very nice!
  • Fantastic video. the water drop scene with the prop is amazing.
  • Excellent videography!
  • Fantastic project and video.
  • Moderator
  • Do they provide a total list of prices or a total price? (not including the transmitter and receiver)
  • I found this project a while back, and was very impressed. I like his mini tricopter as well...
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