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Hacking the Turnigy 9x

3689396425?profile=originalAs you all know, the Tunigy 9X is very hackable and there are all sorts of open source firmware versions out there (such as RadioClone or ER9X). But it all starts with a little hardware hacking so you can get to the onboard ATmega chip in the first place. This guy has gone all the way and added a better power supply, an easy programming port and even soft buttons (see above)!


Here it is running the ER9X firmware:




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  • So whats the point of this post, there is no actual content, other than an obscure link "This Guy" that links to an actual article with information on it. Why not point out that this post is simply referring to an article and make the link more obvious. Like hey check out this article on this other site that shows turnigy 9x hacks" HERE IS THE LINK!

  • Its another minor "hack" its the PnP LiPo battery, which is back in stock.
  • @Jani

    What are stick scaling issues?

  • Details please Earl - this is a fabulous idea
  • Developer
    Mainly it's for the telemetry. Ardupilot files needs to be compiled in to make it working. I have been testing er9x also and noticed that there are a lot of stick scaling issues. Trying to get it fixed soon so I don't need to use so much expose on center stick.
  • I noticed the er9x page mentioned some hardware mods to make the ardupilot version work. is that strictly for on controller telemetry purposes, or something else?
  • Can we get a PPM signal out through the trainer port on this radio for all 9 channels?

  • It is back in stock, just bought one: http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/uh_viewitem.asp?idproduct=...
  • me too!
  • Earl i would love to get info on how you have done this


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