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  • I did the same thing with my Y6, a thin fishing line with a lot of slack.

  • This just looks like all sorts of wreckless unless it was prestaged.
  • You can clearly see a string 0:07 and after 2:00. I'm guessing he had the multi-rotor about 30+ feet above.

    Plus he probably had some steering abilities for the ghost. Possibly a small rear prop and rudder.

  • Actually, he says it's connected to a RC helicopter, so it's probably flying above it some distance and moving it underslung:

  • I want one of these now!

  • But dam great fun..

  • Its the same as the flying witch , lawnmower and snoopy dog house.

  • There's only one explanation... it's an actual flying monster. That's all there is to it! ;-)

  • Yep, can't see what the propulsion system is, I don't think they're props, unless well shrouded because all that garment would get tangled. Perhaps brushless ducted fans? Very well made and quite funny. Close call on the cyclists, cause one of them to fall and he could be in for an injury lawsuit. He's flying pretty slow so as long as there's no props it wouldn't cause a dangerous injury I think. If it hit me, I'd laugh it off, others would most likely be very upset.

  • I think on the youtube video page hes claiming a jetpack...

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