HD video for UAV's

3689522281?profile=originalI keep asking myself why this cannot be done, and so far i have not found an answer i can believe. So i bought a commercial HD Video/Audio sender for home use and plugged in my gopro as a video source, and my flat screen TV as the player, and i connected up these devices and viola..! it worked. So my next thought what is the problem with making this work in a UAV , it is using 5.8Ghz it is cheap to buy, just need to hack it so the antenna is less directional, and we can then have HD in our goggles, or on our screen.

This would be far more preferable to me for a first time FPV flyer as the picture is so poor at 480x240 pixels, you can hardly see if your moving or not.

What do you all think? i know a more elegant solution would be nicer but for now it would work.

sample of what i meant : http://www.maplin.co.uk/wireless-hdmi-video-sender-kit-503801

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  • Has anyone thought of using DATV Digital Amateur TV?  Essentially Ham radio operators are doing fast scan tv (normal video) using the digital protocols dvb-t that normal digital television uses.  Unfortunately those encoders are pretty expensive, but in Europe there are a few custom boards that are built for this purpose, and also this company from Taiwan built a unit specifically for ham radio use.  http://www.hides.com.tw/product_cg74468_eng.html#310685  I do not know what the delay on these units are, but I think this should be explored as a lot of work went into the dvb standard by folks that really knew what they were doing.  The encoder that I linked there will output on 1.2ghz already. 

    HiDes, Inc.
  • @Tommy:
    That's a bummer!  I did receive it but found it didn't meet my needs.  It did serve video, to a windows 7 box, but when I tried different video players on different devices, it couldn't be viewed.  In particular, I was interested in a 3gp feed and was informed that wasn't possible (everything's possible, they just didn't see any money in it).  And so, the search continues...  I am working another angle and, if successful, I will share details.
    I did notice that you were working some RaspberryPi stuff; did you ever make a post on that?  I am considering that as well.  Thanks.
  • @Andy: How did your testing go? I never recieved mine :(

  • Hmmm. ok. I haven't recieved mine yet. Please update me on your further progress :)

  • @Tommy

    Okay, received my unit.  First thing to note, no power supply.  Next, user manual states 12VDC at 1.5A.  Label on unit states 12VDC at 200mA.  Contacted their staff and was told 12VDC at 1.5A is fine.  Hmmm...  We'll see...  ;-)

  • This is what I'm working on for this.


    Already have the beaglebone black and a c920. Just have to get them working together for H264 stream from my tmobile hotspot on board wifi router. 

  • How well does the Paralynx arrow work on UAVs? Most of the folks I know use GoPro. What other options are out there?
  • www.rotoconcept.com

    has what you are looking for

  • @Tommy

    Yes, confirmed that with them.  Ordered and shipped locally; will be interesting to compare notes at some point.  Thanks.

  • any "clean HDMI" signal transfer is very hard to money

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