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  • Just putting it out there...
  • I'll buy one!
  • Guys,

    Thanks for your comments. This originated from an idea that I had last summer with what to do with an empty BeerKeg from Heineken. I understand that there are people that don't like Heineken, so we can also use Newcastle Brown Ale. If people know of other BeerKeg systems just let me know.
    The system is based on a Pic processor and uses SRF10 Ultrasonic Sensors for obstacle avaoidance and for the user to signal the robot that they need a beer. We are now working on a MKII version which might go commercial if there is a demand.
  • george lucas had it all wrong with R2D2
  • Now you just need one of these .
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  • Doc, seems nice robo !
    Add some more witeup & post some video.
  • Admin
    Hope the robot doesn't taste what it is serving ;) , what don't want them fetting high :-)) , cute
  • Finally a useful Robot
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