Hexacopter Project


Hi guys, i want to share my Hexacopter Project.

I designed all the frame parts and cut them out of 2mm carbon fiber in a cnc machine, this is still a prototype, I need to fix a lot of mistakes in a second revision of the frame.










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  • Hi jeter,

    I used 2mm and 1.5mm, but you have that identified in each part in the image and source file above.


  • Hi Sergio,

    This frame has caught my attention in doing my first hexacopter project. During the CNC of the frame may I ask the size of the carbon sheet that has been use to build this project?. I will also ask the local cnc fab in our area so that if they ask me the size of the materials I can give them the idea for computation/pricing thanks!

  • Hi Gabriel, 

    Your Welcome ;)

    Crossed bridges would add more weight because of bigger part and screws, not a big difference but still some grams would be added. I did not intend to use the crossed bridges with the 4 holes, that would add 2 more rubber dampers per support. 2 rubber dampers in my case is enough and because weight is compressed its pretty strong. The other holes you see where to mount the support from the inside frame to outside in order to make the support radius wider, and also for future upgrades or to attach accessories.

    I believe the gel vibration dampers are better than the rubber ones i used, but i didn't try it or have any info on them.

    About the clamps, I also dont have much info on them, but i guess it would reduce a bit the vibration coming from the motor. But dont expect it to be perfect. 

    When i did this frame i also designed a smaller hexa frame (rround 600~700 size) i decided to use it as Y configuration to gain weight in arms and motor mounts etc... it shares similar design as the bigger one, and the construction is very stiff. I have almost no vibration from the motors. The trick is to have everything well balanced, dampers can help but they dont do magic ;)

    By the way in the small hexa frame, just for testing i hard mounted a GoPro H3 Black Edition filming at Full HD 60fps and i dont have any jello effect or vibrations. And i dont have any dampers in the frame, just some double sided foam for the FC. So just to give you an idea how well balanced and stiff it is ;) I'll post some pics and video soon.


  • Hi Sérgio,

    thanks a lot for the files.

    I have a couple of questions.

    Why do not use crossed "bridgets"Gimbal Mount vibration Support, in fact it seams that you originaly consider that option with the 4 holes in the inner sides.

    the second question is about alpha-gel vibration dampers, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hIdu5m-jHEg

    I am trying to develop a cheaper diy one, similar to those but much cheaper. Do you think it could be much benefitial?

    the third question is about use clamps with double o-ring, like those:


    what do you think? thanks for your opinions! cheers

  • Hi Gabriel,

    The vibration absorption part is from XAircraft as well. Here is are some links for the parts:


    And here is gift ;) I'm attaching the plans for the frame where you can check sizes and mesures.

    Hexa Parts


  • Hi Sergio,

    I ´ve been analysing your design and it is simple and clever, based on the six floating transversal "bridges" where stand-offs are hung. What is the distance between the end of those bridged parts and the arm tube that pass by, to avoid they touch and the noise?  

    what I cant undertand is how you anchor the CF tubes (10mm) to the piece you designed, it is a vibration absorption part provided by XAircraft?

    I attach a picture.3692735675?profile=original

  • Hi Gabriel,

    Thanks ;)

    Unfortunately i dont sell the Kit, due to high cost of materials it's almost impossible to sell it for a reasonable price. I would really like to have some fleet of my own designs that i could sell, not only for profit but because i really like to design it and build it. Lets see, maybe in a near future.

    The Gimbal and the CF Tubes are from XAircraft and it mounts under the tubes as you can see on the pictures above . The diameter of the CF tubes is 10mm, and they are fixed with the rubber dampener in to a CF plate that is secured by stand-offs wich are secured to the frame. The frame also has Vibration Absorption where the stand-offs are secured. Not very visible in the images :(


  • Hi Sergio,

    nice job!

    do you already sell the kit?

    could you give details about how to anchor or fix the gimbal to the hexa body, images or schemas?


  • - Yes the Gemfan props are very good, I'm happy with them. I bought them from flyduino.net.

    - I can't predict right now when it will be available to sell, it's still a prototype and i want to do more changes to improve it.

    - Obrigado Rui, sim, de facto uma CNC dá muito jeito :) Saudações.

  • Excelente :) bom trabalho. Quem me dera ter uma cnc dessas ;)

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