Dear Friends,

in these day i continue to investigate the better way to develop good video with Hexafox32 platform.

I add the managment of gimbal on code and doing a video , then i put the result in stabilization software in this video on the left is possible to see the hardware stabilization (some times you see the front tail move on video ) and on the right the software optimization doing in post processing.

What do you think about my results , this video is doing with GoProHD , but i doing also other video with a compact camcoder Panasonic SD90. I'm also working on VR Dragon with MP32 on board with professional gimbal stabilization for manage Canon EOS 7D or my 600D

for more info my skypeid is : virtualrobotix Original Post :



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  • The stabilization works indeed, but at the expense of image sharpness. Personally I prefer the non-stabilized, but sharper image on the left.
  • I'm Skyping with Jani right now about the NG protocol.... I don't know if people would want me to support it...but it looks like I need a header at least on the "S" stream so I can identify it's a NG telemetry stream.
  • Hi Paul,
    Yes, that's right. NG uses a binary protokoll. APM Planner and HK GCS are using the Mavlink protokoll which is supported by AC 2.0.
  • Neither APM Planner or my GCS are compatible with the NG protocol (to the best of my knowledge).
  • Nice flight. What software for stabilisation (video editing) did you use? Thank you.
  • At the moment MP32 works nice with Arducopter NG.
    Due to the beta state of AC 2.0, this version is still beta with MP32 too.
    We did not fly with it up to now, but mavlink a.s.o. is tested and roberto said it works well.
  • sebastian,

    WOW!!... :)

    so i can using AMP or happykillmore GCS software?

    how about hold atl & pos, RTL,and way point fiiture ?

  • RJBK: it is some kind of ardurcopter code, so you can use any configuration software that works with arducopter
  • how to order multipilot32?
    you have in english configutarion software?
    becouse i see your software using italy lang.
    and what the minimum board i need for QC,3C and hex copter.
    can i using standar esc like turnigy plus?

    PM me plese.


  • really impress by the results !!! good job !!
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