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  • I'm curious what the price difference would be if 3DR had their manufacturing in the USA rather than Mexico.

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    3DR is not responsible for shipping costs, shipping companies are.

    Being in Europe, it remains cheaper to ship from the states than from Asia.

    In my case I will NOT tempt the devil buying a not-even-cheap clone.

  • @Krill: You are very right. 3DR shipping within the USA is on the expensive side. Outside the USA is crazy. Hope you can find a solution. (And with 3DR couldimprove their shipping costs!).

  • There are alternative shops with stand up shipping and product services.

  • @Lockhart - you are really forgetting the shipment costs.

    For example - for me pixhawk costs:

    From - Item Total:$199.99Shipping:$42.50Order Total:$242.49

    And $42.50 - is UNINSURED shipping, lost package equals to my $250 loss

    From - $170.74 + $4.92 + $1.60 = $177.26

    And $1.6 is INSURED shipping. Overall economy for me is a noticeable $65.23 plus insured shipping, which gives me confidence. 3drobotics store really sucks when shipping overseas, and that is a great pitty.

  • Why would anyone bother with buying that clone, the 3dr hardware as is, is super cheap for what you get. Guess cloners got to try but lol they fail. just ridicilus

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    I thought all this stuff was supposed to be open source anyway?

  • "New outlook design, the right size"

  • One of the things about the clones is that they never use standard DF13 connectors, so they will not be compatible with genuine 3DR stuff. So, still much better to get genuine. Plus you're supporting 3DR that way.

  • @Lockhart: there's quite a few hand-soldered clones out there selling for as low as $130.

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