A special thanks to Max Levine for his fantastic work on the new instruments. The instruments and 3D model can be set to a "smooth" setting for those of you with processor to spare. This setting can be changed in the File, Settings, Instruments tab. For the best performance, do not select smooth for the instruments and don't select the 3D model instrument. Plus the turn coordinator is working much better now....


Download available here:


This version also contains the ability to save the data files as a .HEX on binary protocols which will show the same data as what's showin in the serial data tab (plus time and date).


Plus there's a Vario tab at the bottom left for those of you searching for thermals.


Guided mode is ready. Connect to APM, click the Control tab and click Guided Mode. Then double-clicking on the map will set the waypoint.


New "text" versions of the instruments and status tab are now available as well as 3 pitch/roll/yaw instruments for those of you setting up your quads.



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  • KnutL, can you email me your .hko file? happy at happykillmore dot com


    Don, I'll do some more testing. I am not aware of a unicode problem.


    Thanks Kirll, I know that offline mapping has been an ongoing request. I just haven't found a good solution that meets the license requirements of the maps sources.

  • Great, thnx. Did you change something in the area of displaying a data file ?

    If I try to run a recorded (from the last version) .hko file, I cant see any of the flight data any more, neither in the instruments nor on the map. The only thing that happens is the voice output, eg. something like "Arrived. No heading to waypoint two".

    In the serial data tab I can see mavlink data coming in.

  • Happy, but for this thing, the GCS is perfect!
  • OMG! Man,you surprised me over and over! The HK GCS is first choice forever,the developers must has did lots of work created a powerful GCS for thousands of UAV enthusiasts.Unfortunately,i can't use it with my computer,because the Unicode standard maybe different between English and Chinese,so i can't connect my AMP with HK GCS using Chinese simple WIN7 system.I must change the Non-Unicode program language setting form Chinese to English every times.SOS!!!! Please do a little more change to solve the problem,thank you very much for everything whatever your team did  first,look forward the next version that no problems any more when i  throw my UAV out!!!
  • No, not yet. Technically, caching Google maps is a voilation of the license....I'm investigating other options.
  • Wow! Good job, Happy!
    Just wondering, does the new version support google.maps cache?
  • Version 1.3.1 just posted. I moved the Vario to another thread in the program and it's working much better.
  • Nicely Done Happy looks Great! 
  • That is funny, I asked on the AUVSI post about when the latest and greatest would be out and here one came. Nice!
  • Thanks guys!


    The more I mess with the Vario stuff the more I'm realizing this needs to be in it's own thread. It's getting bogged down with parsing the data and drawing the instruments. It can't fire the midi play event anywhere near as fast as it should.

This reply was deleted.