Recent additions to my GCS include the APM binary stream and the UavDevBoard (Matrix Pilot/Serial UDB Extra) data stream plus playback of UDB text file on the Data File tab. Quad model is also a new addition (many more models coming soon). Screen is now resizable and depending upon the instruments size, either the glass cockpit or 3D model can be clicked and selected as the "big" instrument. Minimum screen size is now 800X400 which should work well on older laptops and netbooks.

Next on the To-Do list is APM 2-way with MAVlink support, Installer and more models. Still hoping to add AttoPilot support shortly.

If you're having problems installing, make sure to run the DirectX download EVEN IF you have the latest DirectX installed. These include additional drivers MISSING from the standard DX installer.

Minimum requirement still includes .NET 2.0, Google Earth and the Google Earth API.

Download the latest here:
Links to minimum requirements here:
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  • HK,
    You asked, "So MartixPilot is working well for you?".
    MatrixPilot works very well for me. I've documented my experiences in a few blogs including here. Also, as you have recently experienced, the technical support from the guys like Pete, Bill, Ben, etc. is informed, immediate and objective.
    Thanks again for getting involved and adding to the mix!
  • Developer
    Happy, OK, that's fine. I've already done the Attitude message and it's working correctly in QGroundControl. So let me know when you've done completed attitude for the HK GCS and I'll be happy to test it and provide feedback.
  • Pete, I'll have to get back to you on that. I got the checksums working last night and haven't had time today to get back to it...all I can say is ID #30...because that's where I started...the Attitude message. I hope to have a better answer for you this weekend.
  • Developer
    Happy, Bryan,

    That is wonderful to see the screen shots of UDB working with Hardware in the Loop and displaying the the HK GCS. Congratulations.

    Since I'm working on the MAVLink protocol for MatrixPilot, I would be very interested in knowing which protocol messages your will be interpreting into your GCS initially. If you could post the list of MAVLink protocol messages that you need , then I would like to make sure that I have them supported in MatrixPilot.

    Best wishes, Pete
  • NS Rana,
    1) Make sure you install this file. Unless you're running on a mac and emulating windows, this file has fixed the direct issue for everyone but one other person.
    2) That's good news.
    3) The plane requires an internet connection to download it the first time. It's annoying but I haven't found a way to load from a file to GE. Only from a URL link (currently downloading from my website).

    Bryan, nice work! So MartixPilot is working well for you? I'm going to be adding throttle support and hopefully servo input/output display this weekend (along with my first version of the MAVlink compatibility).
  • Alright HK,
    Here are those screen shots of Your GCS running while running the MatrixPilot/X-Plane HILSIM. I've also included some images of Peter's FLAN post analysis results from the same pseudo-flight..... Bryan

  • Hi Happy !
    Today myself and my friend Col. Kapur did very extensive flight tests, we used
    Observations;1. Easystar model symbol was not coming in the left hand side model window.
    2. Lat. longs and other information including live video was coming well.
    3. Plane model symbon in the Google Earth window was also not coming however Lat. Longs were displayed in the same window.

    Note: We used UDB2 with MatrixPilot_r604 repositoriry in which we tried telemetry options;
    Serial_Ardustation, Serial_UDB & Serial_UDB_Extra.

    Please suggest, wether we are doing some mistake ?

    Best Regards

    Tommorrow ..
  • APM binary eh... I'm so siked...
    Can you just use more tabs for more guages dials text etc...?
  • Thanks Bryan, let me know how things turn out (screenshots are always a plus!!!)

    NS Rana, I've got to do some thinking on your request. Ryan Beal also requested a text based option for displaying instrument data. I'm not sure how to handle that with the scalability of the windows/screen size.
  • This is fantastic HK!
    I've got MatrixPilot running HILSIM to XPLANE so I'm going to try and run your GCS during a simulation.
    I've been following all of your work in the past two years and really appreciate all of the time you have contributed to our hobby.
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