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  • yes, just measure the vcc to gnd on i2c bus I simply do it to all my apms via the compass cable 

    thx! also, could you take a hifres picture of the fron and the back, if the MINI  is still in the open :) 

  • idea. I'll see if I can measure it without disassembling the whole rig. I assume you mean the I2C connector?

  • @Euan could you measure the 3.3v rail? how is it. did the get it fixed at the source? also, are they using the same VR as 3dr? 

  • I used genuine 3DR telemetry, GPS/Compass and PM modules.

    The reason you need soldering, is because the wiring looms HK give you are naked at one end (apart from the rx in ones). So you need to solder 4 connectors for the telemetry, 4 for the compass, and 4 for the GPS (remember its a 6 pin though).

    If you use V2 3DR air radio, you might not need to do that, as a standard 4 way DF13 at both ends should work. I think. I don't have a V2 radio set to verify.

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    Thank you

    Did you use HK peripherals or is that 3DR ?

    In case of 3DR, would you please mind developing further about the soldering or redirect me to some place on the Net where you would have written about it ?

  • This is mine, wired up before it went in a 230 quad.


  • There are none, really. However, if you want to use genuine 3Dr peripherals (GPS, telemetry radio, any of the "special ports" etc), be prepared for some soldering.

  • Would appreciate any recent experience with that one before ordering one.

    Are connections now better soldered ?

    Thank you.

  • Were you able to figure out the ppm in?

  • How can I enable PPM on this board?

    There are 4 solder pads near the input connectors that have the "PPMEN" marking next to them. 1 of them seems to be connected to IN3 via a 1K resistor, two other ones are connected to GND and the 4th I don't know. I tried to read the PCB file but it is too cluttered to make out the details.

    Normally, a jumper is placed on IN2 and IN3 to get PPM enabled on IN1, as is documented here. I don't see a connection to IN2 here so any help is appreciated!

    Here's a picture of the situation:


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