Hobbyking 500mw telemetry 433/915


Hobbyking has done it again and have gone that step further.

500mw telemetry modules for amp/px4 and pixhawk is a reality.

• Interchangeable air and ground 433MHz modules
• Micro-USB port
• 6-position Molex connector
• 500 mW maximum output power (adjustable)
• -117 dBm receive sensitivity
• SMA connector
• 2-way full-duplex communication through adaptive TDM
• UART interface
• Transparent serial link
• MAVLink protocol framing
• Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS)
• Configurable duty cycle
• Error correction corrects up to 25% of bit errors
• Open-source SIK firmware
• Configurable through *Mission Planner and *APM Planner 

Supply voltage: 3.7-6 VDC (from USB or Molex connector)
Transmit current: 500 mA at 27 dBm
Receive current: 25 mA
Serial interface: 3.3 V UART 

Two radio modules with antennas
Micro-USB cable
Android OTG adapter cable
6-wire Pixhawk connector cable
6-to-5-position APM and PX4 connector cable
Self-adhesive patch 

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  • Guys i flew my quad around 1.5km with the 500mw 915mhz telemetry. I have 99% signal strength even at 1.5km . But if i give any command to my quad at 1.5 km through telemetry, my quad is not responding. Any idea why it is happening like this. ? i try to control form mission planner using guided mode, nothing works, i have to take over manually and bring it back

  • In fact you set it by a rate and non a mW value. In mission planner they choose to display as it but you get 500mW from uart 3.3v. You should read power consumption, it's very different between this model and 100mW one.
    What is the goal ? Increasing range ? If yes you should upgrade your antenna like puting a dipole antenna or more ... Antenna is the best way to increase range even with 100mW you could get better results than a 500mW with poor antenna !
  • But how will i have the tx power of 500 mw if i set my tx power in Mission planner to 100 mw ?

    Can i get long range by giving 5v Seperately in case Pixhawk or APM is not able to deliver required current ?

  • You should always show 100mW even if it's 500mW

  • Guys i Have a Doubt. The telemetry is 500Mw . But in the SIK radio settings window in Mission Planner or APM Planner has the Maximum Power setting of 100 Mw i.e we set 20 as the transmission power settings. So how does that help us use this 500 Mw telemetry with APM/ PX4 with 500 Mw and not 100 Mw ?

  • Hi, Any update regarding maximum setting to get up the full 500 mw output since last post? I have the same doubt that Paul Atherton

  • I'm a little confused about setting these up to get the full 500mw output. The spec says 27dbm is full power but in mission planner, 20dbm is the maximum setting on the 3dr radio tab.
  • PS: the connectors I use "in the other end" is these:


    They fit with the cables from HK perfectly

  • Thanks for input Martin. The problem is the "brown connectors" that comes with 3DR products does NOT fit into the HK modules, the shape of then pins are not the same ("blade shaped" on HK modules). The HK plugs can (barely) connect to a 3DR modem, but the other way around does not work.

    Sorry for not knowing the correct names for the connectors :(

  • If you have spare original Pixhawk 6 pin cables then you can just swap the connectors on end. That's what I did.

    In case of 50 modems you should buy just the DF13 6 pin connectors and do the swapping.

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